This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Monday, July 2, 2007

Whodoo the Vodoo????

The weekend was pretty uneventful - wish that I could write some great rave review of what I did but basically I sat on my ass - yep - nothing, zilch, nada, no activity. The worst part of the whole thing was - GOD IT WAS GOOD - sometimes doing nothing is better than sex and trust me this weekend it was! I watched a movie, read, slept and just relaxed. I did manage to hit the grocery store and buy myself 2 new pairs of shoes but short of that I just hung out with my cats!! Honestly over the last few weeks I have spent basically zero time on myself so I really needed the down time. This week the kiddo is headed out to camp so it will be a kid free week - THANK GOD!! I love "the boy" but he is ALL boy and basically requires constant freakin entertainment........he's 10 what do you expect and the only kid at home but God as my witness I am not cut out to be Cedric the F***ing Entertainer. I swear if I had heard, "hey, wanna play ANOTHER game with me?" one more time I was going to scream!! It doesn't help that it has been raining every day for like 2 weeks and that his dad (who is secretly a 10 year old boy in a grown man's body) was at work. Also, I refuse to allow him to sit and veg out in front of the boob tube or the video game. I try to limit his time on those things but hell what do you do when you have created every Lego Starship known to man (in my damn living room too), basically hate to read, setup the attack on Pearl Harbor via the dining room table, finished your puzzle book and are on the verge of making your mother insane with requests for ideas to tame your 10 year old boredom???? Seriously girls, I was to the point of purchasing a muzzle to keep down the noise - I was so glad to come to work today!!

As for the weigh in front - I am down an official 5 pounds from last Saturday but don't get too excited - I already knew that I was retaining a lot of water so I'm not shouting from the rooftops - it is absolutely amazing to me that I have the ability to freakin hold onto a five gallon bucket of water in my lower sucks and when I exercise it gets worse. I drink at least a gallon of water a day - yes - I said a gallon. Not because I like it or even because I'm thirsty but because I know it is healthy (even though it is disgusting for the most part). The water retention is actually something that I have thought about talking to my doc about - not to be gross but you have no idea how much different your "belly butt" aka pannus, can feel - sorry tmi but hey it's the truth!! All in all, my clothes are still snug but I'm working on being good and sticking with it - I know what works so I just have to keep on keeping on!

Lastly, I need to walk today but I have some severe shin splints from those damn boots on Friday. Holy God, Mother of Mary - I feel like someone has single-handedly knifed out my shins..........shit - it hurts to walk, let alone climb a hill! I tried to nurse them on Sat. and Sun. but evidently they were more pissed off than I thought - now I've got to put on my big girl panties and suck it up...........I HAVE to get my jiggly ass moving!!

Okay one question for all you girls out there - it seems that I gain weight when I exercise. I know that muscle retains water to repair itself and that muscle weighs more than fat BUT I'm not weight training and at some point the muscle has to release the water, right??? I'm beginning to think that I'm gonna have to do some kind of vodoo extraction ritual or something?? Let me know your thoughts!!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I've heard you can have weight gain for around 3 weeks after you start exercising... Drinking lots of water is supposed to help. I had a little weight gain when I started exercising, but now that I'm into a routine the exercise has totally bumped up my weekly weight loss... keep it up sistah.

Swizzlepop said...

Like diet coke and zingers, I too have heard that it takes a bit for the weight to fall off once you start workign out. I heard it was 2 weeks though, although I think it depends on your work out intensity. I would talk to your doc abotu it though, there may be other reasons that you are retaining so much water. In the mean time try a cup of hot water and lemon every morning. No sugar or honey, just the hot water (like for tea) and a whole lemon, it will help with the retention. After a week try it with a tsp of honey. It's supposed to be a great cleanser for your body and get it kickstarted in the mornings. Hmmm, I think I need to start this again. Don't you love giving advice that you know works but somehow forget to do yourself? ;).

Glad you got some you time. Yoru 10 yo sounds like a HANDFULL! But very sweet I'm sure.