This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Friday, June 29, 2007

My Dogs are Barking!!

God help me, being fergilicious ain't all it's cracked up to be..........swizzle - I think my toes are more than numb but never fear I shook it with all I had.......NO ONE would ever have known that my feet were begging for mercy! So what did all that shaking get me???? Let's see I got a whistle, a yell from a homeless guy, the crazy bunny lady was out today and I think she was trying to save my pour "hookered" up soul from hell and let us not forget the lady cop that asked me "so do you always wear a hard hat" - that one kinda freaked me out!!! And last but not least - drum roll please - my beast of a husband sent me roses........"the crowd sighs - ahhhhh". Yep, I was walking into the office and this kid (swear that flower shop is breaking some child labor laws) is bringing in roses - I kind of assumed they were for me - he is famous for realizing that he "married up" (those are his words) and that he hasn't be treating me like the royal princess that I am.......hehe!! He is typically a great guy and he really does love me with everything in him, I don't doubt that but sometimes he is such a, a, a, a GUY!!! God help - somedays he is totally oblivious to the fact that anyone else exists in this whole world.........just him and his computer - so he redeemed himself today. I called and asked why I got flowers and he said he was worried when he saw how I left the house this morning - he said 1 of 2 things was going on - either I was having a major mid-life crisis or I was on the prowl for another man..........see Trixie is a GOOD thing!!

So to put it mildly - SCREW YOU BARBIE!!! My Ken may not have as much hair as yours but he sent me flowers and HE ISN'T A EUNUCH!!

Okay so one piece of advice for ALL of my awesome, beautiful buddies around here - who cares what you THINK you look like (hell I've got a pannus!!) "SHAKE WHAT YO' MOMMA GAVE YA!!!!"


Jo said...

Sounds like you had a fun day, minus the feet thing, ouchies! Next time you should have a friend walk 10 feet behind you, recording all the silent jawdropping going on in your midst. It's cute that your hubby was worried about you dressing hookerish, that story made me smile. And thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me :)

Swizzlepop said...

The feeling comes back eventually. It's like a callus, after a while you don't even notice :P
Sounds like you had an awsome day! WOOHOO on the roses from hubby, that story is too funny. I may have to share it with mine. Just because... *evil grin*
Devinitely a day to be recorded and replayed the next time you have a down day.
Thanks for updating us!!!

Colette said...

Steph Damn girl sounds like you had an awesome day!! haha. OMG you almost made me pee myself with the "homeless guy and the bunny lady trying to redeem your hookerish soul"...HAHAHA...
I swear girl you are funny as hell. I hope you gave that man of yours some extra *wink loving for being such a sweetie!!!Sounds like a great guy!!!
LOL...and about the shoes...I dont think you or Trixie is ever gonna want to work the corner...LOL Hard to look sexy when you got CORNS on yo feet honey..LMAO
Take to you later hun

WeightBGone said...

I love your blogs you always bring a smile to my face. Sounds like you had an awesome day so I hope your weekend continues in that way.

strawgirl said...

I hope your feet are feeling better today. :) You work it girl!!! And your hubby is a sweetie for sending you roses. He knows he's got it good.