This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quick Update

Not sure if anyone even comes around anymore but I just wanted to give a quick update. Work has blocked Blogger so it's hard for me to get updates together right now. Baby WIll and I are doing fine and everyone is betting that i don't make it until Christmas? We'll see I guess? I have dropped and have had some contractions but that means nothing especially since I was almost three weeks late and my mom was in labor for 3 days. Yeah, I was a real sweet kid, huh??

Speaking of my birth, today is my 30th birthday and I feel so incredibly blessed. A baby on the way, a great family, an amazing hubby and a new house.........what more could I ask for?? Oh and I got breakfast in bed this morning and the hubby bought me a strand of pearls - yep I cried!

In other news - baby Will is growing like crazy and so am I. We just had maternity pictures taken on Saturday and I'm amazed at how HUGE I look.......I'm okay with it but I am anxious to meet my little boy.......less than 5 weeks to go! Everything is ready to go with the exception of my bags being packed. I'll save that for next weekend. Christmas shopping is done, nursery is done, 5 baby showers completed - yep, I had 5 and I have one more on December 7th. People have been so generous and we are running out of room for all the stuff that this little guy has accumulated! He is going to be one spoiled little boy!

Gotta run and get ready for church but I'll try to get pictures of the nursery up asap.