This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Will currently sleeps and where he will sleep when he arrives...

First are belly pictures - please excuse my was a LONG day! These pictures are at 26 weeks & 5 days - exactly 4 weeks since the last group was taken.

The last picture is a picture of the cradle that Will's grandpa is building for him. It is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to be rocking a baby in it!!

Okay I really have to get to work now! (((HUGS)))

Picture Overload

So here are a few pictures of the nursery - before and after paint and chair railing. We still have to stencil in the frogs and lily pads but that won't be until my sister in law leaves from her visit. We did want to get some cheery paint and new lighting up though. That room was so dark before! Oh and after 5 hours my hubby got Will's dresser together. I felt really bad for him because they had drilled some of the pieces incorrectly so it was quite the frustrating ordeal for him but in the end it came out beautiful.

Oh and the pictures arent' that great - my camera was almost dead so the pics look a bit faded.

More pictures in the next post!

Friday, September 19, 2008

So this is probably stupid but I need advice

As everyone knows this is my first child but not my hubby's. Over the last few months, I've endured many mentions of "remember when Nathan was born". I've also listened to my husband tell me how we didn't need this or that because they didn't use it with Nathan - I finally had enough when we went to register and I broke down. I realize that he has done this before and I know that I'll never see the look on his face when he is presented with his first son......Will will be his second son - it won't be the spectacular miracle that it was for him the first time - we won't share that same wonder. That makes me sad but I'm dealing with it - I know that Rich will love Will with all of his heart but I also know that I will continue to endure the constant comparision of DH's first son to Will. Not just by my husband but also his parents.........I can live with that as long as Will doesn't ever feel like he is living in Nate's shadow.

Okay so on to my real problem - I have the option to deliver at 2 different hospitals that are right across the street from each other. One hospital is where Nathan was born and is where my doctor's office is. The other is a smaller hospital but has good care. The doctor delivers at both but would prefer that I deliver where his office is located for convenience sake. My issue is that I don't want to have to worry about whether my husband is thinking about his first wife and his first son the whole time I'm having Will. I guess I just want this experience to have some sort of uniqueness for least at a different hospital I won't have to hear "oh this is where we did this or that" or "do you remember when Nathan was born and we were here"........I want for once during this pregnancy for Rich and I to experience something completely "new" together - even if it is just a hospital room.

So is that stupid.......should I just opt for the hospital where my doc would prefer I deliver??

Survey says???

So in looking at diaper bags, which do you guys like best?? They lady that custom makes them can applique a number of animals in place of the airplane on the 1st bag. So we could get a frog or turtle or dinosaur if that is what we wanted. So what do you guys think???

26 Weeks....

Time seems to be flying by and I'm getting more nervous about being unprepared. Of course that is a fairly irrational thought because, trust me, we will be ready for Will's arrival. In fact, hubby and my dad are in the process of painting Will's room today....that will leave only the chair rail and stenciling to be done on the walls. Those things will be finished after Rich's sister leaves in a couple of weeks.

As for me physically, I'm feeling good most days. I'm starting to get really tired again but I'm not sleeping well. There is no comfortable position to get into for more than an hour or so. Oh not to mention the hundred bathroom trips that I have to make on a nightly basis. I'm thinking I'll be really used to this crazy no sleep thing by the time the baby gets here?

On a fun note, Baby Will moves a lot! In fact there have been a few times when I think he has actually tried to take out a rib or two. He must be a strong little boy...guess all that laziness and rest during the first 23-24 weeks helped him build big muscles? And for the record, this baby is just like his mommy - loves food! When I eat he goes crazy!

Speaking of food - I have my doctor's appt. in 2 weeks and I'm dreading the scale. Let's just say that 2 baby showers in one month is a bad idea! Too much cake!! I have finally purged my house of the evil devices but not by the modern practices like throwing it away - nope by much more traditional methods - like EATING it! But WOW it was good. Chocolate/Vanilla marble with strawberry filling and whipped cream come on, who could say no to that?? So for the next two weeks I've got to step it up and get my butt back in gear. That means no less than 4 trips to the gym a week and no more sugar! I stocked up on apples and VitaTops.......they aren't marble cake with strawberry filling but they also aren't 500 calories a slice! The next shower is on the 28th of this month and I'm sooo excited about it. This one will have our families and my husband's sister from Boston. I can't wait to see everyone and just hang out. We kind of opted to do a really casual baby shower/lunch so that everyone can enjoy seeing Tracy (DH's sis) and rub the belly.

Okay guess I should get to work - I have pictures of the nursery before and hopefully today I'll have pictures of it painted......we are going with Cocoa Butter on the top of the walls and Big Sky on the bottom with a white chair rail seperating the 2. So think creamy sunshine yellow on the top and baby boy blue on the bottom. Of course then I have to go in and stencil in the lily pad/frogs and pussy willows. I hope it turns out well!

Talk to you all soon!!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Good news, bad news & baby furniture....

Wow it's hard to believe that I have 108 days left until this little boy is due to arrive!! It just seems almost unbelievable that I'm over half way done......where does the time go??

Sorry for not updating sooner but things have been busy as usual. Between school, doctor visits, work and just the day to day grind I've been super busy.

Speaking of doctor visits - we went for our checkup and gestational diabetes test......the good news is I PASSED MY TEST!! No diabetes for me - thank you Lord! I think I had convinced myself that I had it because of my past issues so I was shocked when everything came back good. The bad news - I gained 10 pounds in a month!! I would have cried but there wasn't time. The nurse started hunting for Will's hearbeat and couldn't find it. This kid is stubborn! So she left to get the doctor and I was too worried to cry about something stupid like 10 pounds. I did talk to the doc about the gain because I've been eating super healthy and working out at least 4 times a week. He tells me I'm healthy and not to worry so much - I'm glad that he isn't yelling at me but I wish he could explain to me why I'm blowing up like this - his response is that some women gain faster than others......gee, aren't I a lucky girl! Other than that, Baby Will but I'm measuring a couple of weeks ahead. Seems that my uterus is tilted to the left so baby is all up on the left side and boy can I tell! You know my uterus is the size of a soccer ball - sorry if that is TMI but WOW!

One more thing - we were able to pick up Will's crib and dresser this weekend - I love it (pic is below).