This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life Saving Root Canal!!!

Thanks to all who helped to cheer me up yesterday - it means so much to know that people are out there pulling for you!! So after the weekend from hell, I sent hubby the apology that basically said - yeah you're an ass but I should have been more forgiving, blah, blah, know trying to be the adult in the situation. Well of course Mr. Ken Doll is way to quick to jump on that apology and let me shoulder the blame - now mind you, on his birthday (Saturday), rather than coming home to the steak and crab dinner that I fixed for him, he chose to spend 18 hours at the casino - yep - poker is his addiction and at times it takes priority over EVERYTHING.......sooooo frustrating! Anyway, after feeding his steak to the dog on Sunday morning he apologized and I just feelings were so hurt and I was soooo frustrated with him but in the end I apologized yesterday for sulking and letting the fight linger. SO last night he tells me that he doesn't think the problem was as much Saturday as it is that we don't spend enough time together.........gee - you think genius........what are you a rocket scientist??? Hell I have been saying that for the last few months - we are losing touch, we don't spend any time together, are schedules are totally going in different directions, turn off your computer and quit playing cards all the time, help me more around the house and with your son..........again just more of the same thing over and over - actually probably the same things that every woman says!! So after allowing me to shoulder some of the blame he did stand in the kitchen and help me cook his dinner - looks like things are back on the up at least for now??

On a food note - I did manage to accidently dig out some gooey, cold, baked ziti........can someone please explain to me what my affection is for cold pasta?? Oh don't forget the banana chips that accidently fell into my mouth or the huge bowl of watermelon and strawberries (I know that fruit isn't bad but I wasn't the least bit hungry - just eating to eat) - and the chocolate milk.....oh yeah there was the frozen cool whip too...........yikes!!! See that is my problem - I won't consume a whole bag of chips but I eat until I am uncomfortable........I also eat when I am happy, sad, angry, confused, tired, bored or lonely - people say "before you eat, evaluate your feelings" - okay........what do you do when every feeling creates the need to eat??? On the up swing - I have a root canal today so that accomplishes 2 things - I won't be able to overeat (kind of like the wire your mouth shut diet) and I won't have to "make-up" with hubby if you know what I mean......I know, I'm awful but my feelings are still hurt and I still feel the need to shield myself for a bit. I'm no longer bitter or angry just a little hurt and I want to nurse it for a while longer - maybe that is wrong but I just can't throw my heart right back out there. I AM glad to be over the "I am miserable so my plan is to eat a whole bag of chocolate marshmallows" the way - has anyone had these - WOW!!! They are soooooo freaking good - 2 big fat gooey choco marshmallows for 1 point - the problem is really "who only eats 2 marhsmallows???"

To close this out - I have some great recipes that are super easy and I am going to try to get those posted soon - I also have some more pictures that I need to get up but won't be able to do much tonight cause I'm having a root know, who would have ever thought that a root canal could possibly save my life???


MMalloy said...

That root canal couldn't be better timed out!!! Chocolate Marshmallows?? Those sound dangerous, I better stay away. I have almost polished off an entire bag of the regular ones!

Steph said...

I have discovered that I can fit 13 in my mouth at one time - don't ask, it wasn't one of my finer moments!!

Jo said...

You're right, the root canal is perfect timing. You're making us all think about chocolate marshmallows and cold pasta? Good luck in your recovery tonight from the root canal and Ken's revelations.

WeightBGone said...

Good luck on the root canal. The choco marshmallows sounds like trouble for me. Anything to do with chocolate screams my name when I walk by. Let Ken wait for a while on the "making up" men do need to be taught lessons from time to time. :)

Journeys said...

omg girl is that you on that magazine cover?! looks amazing!! i wanted to post a comment on that post but it wouldnt let me so here i am!!! such an inspiration!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You are hilarious. I don't blame you for being ticked at Ken. That sucks. Maybe he should have taken you for a ride in your pink corvette instead! The you could have stopped off at target and gotten some tiny dresses with gigantic velcro enclosures.

Seriously though- I'd love some recipes and pictures... Have a happy root canal (how ELSE do you say that?)