This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Power of Positive Thinking

A bloated Barbie doll is not attractive - YIKES - I'm thinking the pain meds are sending me over the edge??? My pants are tight today and my tummy just feels a little off - my mouth is still a bit sore but I can't really complain. Hubby is still being good but of course he is still hoping for a "make-up" session - I, on the other hand, am trying to determine if I can pull off one more day of "my mouth hurts".......probably not though!

I so missed blogging yesterday - funny how it becomes such a part of my daily life! So while doped up yesterday I had plenty of time to think of all the things I wanted to write about - sad thing is that I can't really remember them!! One thing that I have been asked a gazillion times is "do you have any secrets for success" - ummmmm, no - sorry but there really isn't any secret to it. It is kind of funny when I think about how I managed to take off the weight.........I guess before I felt like I wasn't really doing it but I was. Now I feel like I am fighting tooth and toenail and still can't get rid of the poundage! I will say that I heard about a study that was done at a University in which 2 groups of dieters were tested. One group was told that they had lost 5 pounds more than they thought and the other was told that they gained 5 pounds - they were then taken to a buffet and the ones that thought they lost 5 more pounds showed more constraint and stayed on target - the others ate like they weren't on a diet.........I guess that proves your mindeset has something to do with losing..........or should I say with our ability to stick with it. I know that for me - putting a pair of pants that are too tight depresses used to motivate me because that was a positive - it usually meant I was going down a size - now it means I'm going up a size.........Damn!!!

I will write more later - I have so much to say! Right now I have to try to get caught up from my time off for the tooth! Oh yeah - I am going to walk the parking garage today - hmmmm can't hardly wait for that!


Colette said...

Haha Steph...I know where your coming from. I thinkup a zillion things I want to say sometimes and then I forget..DAMN OLD AGE!! haha

I agree with the positive thinking. All the tips I read have said " Believe it AND achive it". You have to BELIEVE it or you won't do what ever it is you have set out to do!!
I hope you feel better, of coarse the pain meds could be messing
(*wink *wink ) with your tummy and making ya wanna PUKE, HURL or THROW UP! You decide which "adjective" you'd like to use and DECLARE this LOUDLY when you get home and the DS won't be within 6 feet of you for fear of PROJECTIAL VOMITING!! hahaha

WeightBGone said...

LOL I can just imagine hubby trying to stay on your good side for the make up session he's hoping for. Men are so transparent arent they? I hope your mouth continues to improve as I am sure hubby does too. LOL Have a wonderful day. :)