This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Monday, July 16, 2007

A piece of advice!

So no one asked me for advice but I'm throwing it out there - this is something I learned after much work and many tears - god how I wish that I could have managed to get this through my thick plastic skull! So here it is - now really - this sounds so run of the mill but if we could all get this concept (me included) we would spend so much less time beating ourselves up........drumroll please!!!! *****Little things, be them good or bad, add up to a BIG thing***** I think that for me I spend a lot of time trying to lose 10 pounds in a week - I forget that if I could just focus on the baby steps, the tried and true - even though I get so freaking sick of walking that damn garage and drinking the damn water (sorry that was a mini-vent) - that I would eventually get where I want to be. I mean really - there are 2 options for my weight tomorrow - I can either be lighter or heavier than I am today but one way or the other my weight is still going to be there...........I know that sounds way too much like it came from a plastic brain but really my mom told me (this was in reference to going back to college but should be implemented into every facet of our lives) that tomorrow is coming regardless of how I choose to spend today - the next sunrise is inevitable so where do I want to be tomorrow or a year from now.........because it is coming - no doubt about that.

I know seems random for me but after reading Colette's post and Jenn's post I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring so - vote for Barbie - I promise world peace, lots of laughs and ken dolls all around!!!


Candace said...

I think you got the Baby step concept. How else do you think the other 245lbs came off? You are a true inspiration to me and others, I am sure. I hope Colette and I didn't bring on the onion craving. Man, I love onions!

MMalloy said...

You are very right, this lifestyle gets boring and habit like, but it has everything to do with our tomorrows. I can follow the recommendations and accomplish small goals or I can throw it all away and go back to feeling like things will never change. Another favorite outlook "Don't expect different results if your doing the same thing" ... you might apply this to your eating habits, change it up, I couldn't do onions for three months!!!!