This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Monday, October 19, 2009

Writers Block

Okay it's probably not a good sign when you have a writer's block for your weight loss blog. Hmmmm what does that say about my progress?? Well I can tell you that I'm down 6 pounds. Not great but it's better than gaining 6 pounds I guess?? I wish that I could tell you that it was attributed to diet and exercise......hell I wish I could tell you it was due to diet pills but I can't. It's definitely not anything I've done......maybe for once the f-ing gods are smiling on me and my flabby butt. I would say that I deserve some good karma after the weekend of "teething hell" that I just went through with Will. OH MY GOD!!! No one told me that it would be like that - if that child could have found a way to crawl back inside of my belly, he would have been there. I didn't put him down for 2 days straight. It was definitely a weekend to remember and to think about next time baby fever strikes!

So what are my big plans for the upcoming week in weight loss land........hmmmmm - all kinds of things run through my head but I won't put them out here for fear of getting banned from the internet. I guess I should say, in my most Barbie voice, "I plan to eat healthy and only eat until satisfied". Or I could say, "I plan to fit in at least 4 30 minute sessions of cardio this week". Shit - yeah right. My only source of cardio right now is chasing a ten month old around a jacuzzi tub during bath the way, has anyone ever tried to bathe a baby in a jacuzzi tub. What the hell - I need a scuba suit to wear while doing that. I get a bath only I'm fully clothed and on the OUTSIDE of the tub. Like I said - I've got writers block. I'm drained - I love every minute of being a mommy - it's wonderful, beautiful and so fulfilling. It's the other day to day shit that gets in my way. You know cooking, cleaning, working........all the mundane crap. If only I could win the lottery!

If anyone has any ideas for juggling it all then I'm all ears! I read other mommy blogs and these women are blogging every day.......I stand in awe. They talk about their eco-friendly cleaning tips and their cloth diapering. Their gourmet granola that is homeade and their sewing projects. Give me a break - am I just that bad at time management or are these women full of crap?? I mean really, after work, dinner, dishes, baths, homework, packing lunches, etc. who in holy hell has time to make "green" cleaning products??? "With just a smidge of dishwashing detergent and some lavender scented oil you can make car wax". "Watch me try it out on my husband's car....yes ladies I buff and wax my hubby's car every weekend". "Oh and I do it in heels and pearls". Seriously - kiss my sweat suit wearing ass!!

Okay - if you got this far I'm sorry........sorry for the rant and for my lack of motivational words. You can't always be Zig Zigler.