This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

There's a TURTLE on my head!!!

Sorry that I am so behind today - this will probably be a short blog as I am absolutely whipped from potentially the longest, waste of time meeting in history. Yep, just spent 6 hours locked in a room full of millionaires (literally) and listened to them argue about whether a herpetarium (snake house) should contain a monkey or a cat...........what??? Help me understand this - how about we figure out how to house the fucking snakes first and then I'll try to focus on a mf'ing monkey - 6 hours - literally - the whole time I'm thinking - I'm never going to get this time these people have any idea how much this meeting is costing them??? Do they even give a shit?? Then I had someone mention Turtle shaped hardhats...........Jesus Christ - come on folks - I am the mental chick that goes by three names, snorts pudding up her damn nose and lives for ficticous sex with banana pudding but I am not even close to contemplating a turtle shaped hardhat..........I may really have to change my profession. I have so little patience for petty shit like that - I realize that you are worth approx. 30 billion freakin dollars but does that mean that you get the right to shave hours off of my life??? But.....that is the client and the client gets what the client wants - even if it takes 6 hours, makes no sense and requires me to wear a flippin turtle on my head!!!

So that was my day in a nutshell - that is why I am still at the office after an already 10 hour day - that and if I go home I am sure to drown my sorrow in something........I can't imagine that I have too much "unhealthy" food in the house but if it can be found - I'm gonna sniff it out! Hmmm, there is a yummy tray of cookies sitting in the breakroom - I think I'll bypass those and just head for the house!

Thanks for all the kind words about the baby thing - I do okay most of the time but somedays I just feel like I'm being punished.......the guy that I work with is going to be headed to the hospital with his wife in a couple of weeks to have a baby......everybody is pregnant or so it seems - so there are babies everywhere and all I have is damn turtle shaped hardhat........WTF!! I do actually have an appt. with a specialist in August so I am both excited and nervous - hubby is out on the adoption front and so that narrows down our options but I'm not crossing that bridge yet!! Thanks again - you all are the is so incredible to imagine that some how we have all defied distance and differences and something that we all hate so much (our weight issues) have been able to bring us all together and in essence bring so much joy. Funny how life works - and that is Barbie's deep thought for the day - shit I still owe a breakdown of who is who in my twisted brain........maybe tomorrow - if I can escape the damn monkey exhibit issue???


Colette said...

Heyyyyyyyyy girlfriend!! Glad to see your ALIVE! I was wondering where you was today and I figured if you was like me you was up to your arse in paperwork, clients, men in cowboys boots, nutcases or PUDDING!! haha.
No, but seriously I am GOOD! Glad you posted me a message {{HUGS}} I just figured you was super busy at work or you would have posted our daily "fix" by the afternoon!
That meeting sounded harlarious!! OMG I bet you wanted to jump up and scream..."Turtles on our heads?? Why not make it look like its pooping and we are just a BIG OLE TURD!" LMAO...girl I know you was dieing inside and prolly laughing your ass off thinking..what next?"...hehe
I am glad you survived!! Hope you had a relaxing night!! Missed ya...
PS: I'm keeping my fingers crossed and even saying a little prayer that appt in AUG!

Swizzlepop said...

First Fish Poop and now Turtles and Snakes and Monkeys OH MY!

I was starting to go through withdrawals without my daily Barbie dose ;). I hope your appt goes well! Email me any time if you need to chat about it!

MtngirlinCali said...

On the plus side, at least you aren't the one with all those silly ideas! That would be cause for eating..... Thanks for the laugh today--- I know meetings blow, but it's always nice to see you keep your sense of humor about it! Are you in marketing?

Steph said...

I am actually a project manager which basically means I have to run around and fix problems.....I have 5 projects with 2 in construction so between building design meetings and construction sites I feel like I"m always running......keeps me on my toes!

Candace said...

I did miss your post yesterday and am glad to see you back. Maybe cop-lady will like the turtle hats.

MMalloy said...

Haha..turtle hard hats! Last year we interviewed with a client that wanted "blue cowboy hard hats" they make them, so it was possible. Luckily they also wanted a man as the project manager (losers) so I got put on my hospital project...I don't think I could shake my ass as nicely in a cowboy hard hat...turtle, maybe!
Good luck :)