This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Friday, July 27, 2007

Barbie Brigade Update

The response to this has been amazing - I am going to update the list but if I don't get you on there.......please, please, please send me an email or comment - I wanna make sure that all my Barbie friends get their proper mention!!

Just wanted to say first though that when I started blogging I was looking for Barbie (okay guys, I am being serious so you Barbie's in the back quit giggling....LOL) - I was looking for the perfect life, the happiness, the promise of all my dreams coming true, blah, blah, blah - well guess what ladies - basically life maced me in the face........rather than finding that I was Barbie I felt disfigured and dysfunctional because I couldn't be happy with my accomplishment - NO ONE understood what it was like to be trapped in fat/skinny perguatory (as I like to refer to it) - no one until I met all of you. It was through reading what you all sharing your trials and and pain........sharing just real life that i realized I really wasn't alone - I found Barbie - she did exist - the problem wasn't that Barbie was ficticious but rather that I wasn't looking in the right place for her! When I finally looked around the corner and realized that Colette made me bust a gut with some of her crazy red headed antics and swizzle with her new pannus obsession and weightbgone with her never ending encouragement.......then there was Jo with her sassy salsa moves that were proving to take her through life, mmal with her message of hope - the list goes on and on.........but suddenly I was surrounded by these incredible women that were REAL - hold mother of god - I was surrounded by real life Barbies and they were way better than the beheaded, crew cut Barbies that I played with as a child - LMAO!! Long story - short - I can't even begin to tell you all how much you mean to me.......we are good alone - strong and able but together we are freakin AWESOME - the rest of the world better watch out........that goes for lying dehydrated green beans and balding Ken dolls and rich, snotty biotches driving overpriced cars and shopping at Central Market - we are The Barbie Brigade and WE ARE TAKING OVER BABY!!!! WooHoo - (Barbie throws her fist in the air) Yeah!!!

So here is the roll so far - again, if I missed you please let me know - it is super important to me!!

Introducing the BARBIE BRIGADE - (the pink, panel wagon rolls out onto the stage and one by one Barbie's pile out......crap, someone just stepped on my leopard print heel - damn move over some Vampira and WW Barbie - what's with the cape - you're killing me here!!! Who the hell told Mother Hubbard to bring all those damn kids??? Salsa, quit dancing for a sec so everyone can see you!!)

Swizzle - Vampira Barbie
Colette - Radiant Redhead Barbie
2Phat - AARP Barbie
Weightbgone - Nature Barbie
Pleasingal - AARP aka Sr. VP Barbie
Mmalloy - Pink Hope Barbie
Calyn - Wonder Woman Barbie
Mtngirlincali - Triathalon Barbie
Melanie - Way Out West Barbie
Candace - Scarlett O'Hara Barbie
Jo - Salsa Barbie
Amanda - GymBunny Barbie (god bless your obsession with that elliptical machine!)
Diet Coke & Zingers - Mother Hubbard Barbie (yeah she's on vacation so we picked for her)
NCChris - Dooney & Bourke Barbie (always good for fashion tips - thanks again!)
Creating the new me - Techno Travelling Barbie
For me for life - Teachermama Barbie
31 More Days - Boot Camp Barbie (I'm sticking you with that because you rock the boot camp girl!)
30x30 - Lion Tamer Barbie (that chick has whipped her lion aka SCALE into submission!!)
BellyBGone - Anne Klein Barbie

Whew - think that is everyone - that takes us to 20 total (including me) - WOW!!! You know something Barbie's we are f'ing AMAZING!!! We need to keep reminding all women that they are Barbie's - I think that is now our royal duty - LOL!!

Don't forget that if you aren't on this list, please let me know!!!


Swizzlepop said...

WOOHOO loving all the Barbies! I'm making my personal Barbie list to post later (I think I may be Cybil Barbie LOL).

See how cool and popular you are. You've totally inspired so many of us. We may all be insane now too, but that's okay cuz we're all Barbies so screw anyone who tries to tell us otherwise! :)

Colette said...

OMG I can just see the van pulling up and all of us getting our hot ass's out of that van and WORKING IT!! *SNAPS HER FINGERS

OK now, I hope next week we don't have to come up with a "Trixie" personality...because honestly..I am a SUPER FREAK!!!


Love ya girls!!

Steph said...

LMAO off at Colette - God I'm not sure if I wanna know you like that!!! Swizzle - you are a huge part of this Barbie Brigade mess so don't you dare stick all on me!!!

WeightBGone said...

I am part of the Barbie Brigade and damn proud to belong to this elite group of women. All you Barbies ROCK!!!

Journeys said...

LOL colette, I had that EXACT same image...I wanna join! hmm, time to let those creative juices flow!

AZ Kate :) said...
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Swizzlepop said...

We forgot Tina from Battle of the Bulges. I think she should be Beyonce Barbie because of her bootylicious post a while back and Roni should be Top Chef or Iron Chef Barbie because she is always creating such great recipes and sharing them.

BB said...

I wanna be a Barbie...not sure which one or how to load a photo. Yikes!

Living life to the fullest said...

I took the the oath as Stepford Wife Barbie. Yes, sometimes I feel like I am living that movie as one of the wives....

- Loving Each Day!

disa said...