This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Where the Hell is Wendie - Day 1

Okay on to bigger and better things - started the Wendie plan yesterday, thanks to Chris who gave me the 411 on it! Was suppossed to have 20 points and ended up with 22 but I did get some exercise in yesterday so I'm not beating myself up to bad - today is a 25 point day. Something that I didn't like about logging my food is the fact that I suddenly was eating more points than I thought - what - no way - you mean I haven't been surviving on 18 points all this time..........shit Barbie - get a grip - no wonder I wasn't losing like I wanted to..........I have been underestimating my points by a long shot!! So word to the wise - brocolli, eggwhites and spinach do add up!! Especially when you couple that with peaches from a pie, chocolate pudding and strawberries........yes I am the holier than thou - I eat good food so I should lose weight Barbie. I have come to realize that while I may not die from a heart attack because of my good food choices, I can still put on a few pounds and struggle with getting them off!

I can chalk this whole thing up to portion control.........I just have none and now I have convinced myself that because I eat so little during the day that dinner is a free for all, brocolli buffet! This, my barbie friends, is why I thought Wendie would work for on to day 2 - gonna have a good day!! My goal for today is to get in some exercise AND to eat at least 2 meals.......this is a rough one but I have to start making the changes........eeek - I HATE change!!!


MMalloy said...

I'm not sure what to say about the udders Steph, I deal with it the same way though...remind myself that I have a plan and in a couple years I will get rid of them and all the other bags of skin :)
I am excited to hear how Wendie works for you. I keep thinking I need to try something different, these last 6 pounds are just not doing what they are supposed to do!

2Phat said...

I lost my ticket to the 411 clue bus...again! What is the the Wendy plan? Also... What does the C in C25k stand for?

Swizzlepop said...

Hmmm, this Wendit Plan always interests me but I think there is too many numbers involved. Could you post a laymens 411 for us please?????????? I wanna hit 10lbs by Labor Day for my friend's wedding that I'm dreading but am in.

I say that Wendi Barbie has to post her menus while on the Wendi Plan so we can all see :D. Yea, I'm Brat Barbie sometimes :)