This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Monday, August 6, 2007

Passion with a Peach Pie!!

Whew - what a weekend! Somehow I managed to fit in nails, eyebrows, haircut, grocery shopping, dinner/birthday party for MIL, computer setup for my dad, house cleaning, laundry, house hunting and tire was a busy weekend to say the least! Ken did help out on Saturday but Sunday he was pretty much a waste of space - I asked him to spend some time with me......he asked what I wanted to do and after a few of my suggestions I soon realized that he had no intention of hanging with me - so what is a Barbie to do??? I went and got a hew hairstyle, got my nails done and hung out with myself!! I had a good time in spite of the fact that I knew Ken was sitting in front of his Playstation not doing anything!!

I have a confession to make - I succombed to the cry of the peaches in the peach pie that I made for MIL's birthday. Yep, couldn't help is amazing what you can rationalize at 3 in the morning - oh hell Barbie they're just peaches - pick on I'm having the argument in my head - back and forth - I am about to drift off to sleep when I hear it.......squeak, squeak - it's the damn dog and his squeaker toy outside! Well that is my perfect excuse to crawl out of the safety of my bed and into the dark abyss that is my garage.......out the door - tiptoe - getting to the gate to shut the dog up and then I see it - it is like a beacon in the night - damn - someone (ME) left the garage light on........I sneak up the sidewalk like a burgular and peer in - I see the fridge and I know that pie is in there......mmmmm.....I can smell it and almost taste it - allright my resolve is gone at this point. I pull back the foil and pull out a slice of peach.......the problem is that the whole time I do things like this I know I'm only sabatoging myself - then another peach and another. By the time I have finished eating peaches I realize that I have left a hole in the damn pie.......a hole that no candle on this earth is going cover what the hell am I going to do?? So here is Barbie in her nightgown at 3:00 a.m., in the garage, with a peach pie sitting on the dryer........what is she doing.......she is attempting to re-route the peaches so it appears that the pie has not been disturbed - i do have to serve this thing to 7 people tomorrow night!! I did manage to pull it off - the pie looked like hell and MIL eyed it like - did that Barbie Bitch throw this pie on the floor and then scoop it back in the pan?? Luckily, no one said anything but WOW - this is great - which I already knew since I had successfully eaten a quarter of it!!

The peach passion problem leads me to me new solution! I am going to start the Wendie plan today - Diva Barbie has had great success with it and the more I think about it the more I know that I have to change up my routine some......oh yeah, lately my obsession is boiled okra - I think I may need to see a shrink for this food obsession that I have! So I crave boiled okra - a few squirts of butter spray on it and that is it - how insane is that!! So here goes the Wendie Plan........the problem is that I am lazy when it comes to journaling and measuring so that will be a struggle! Also I am sooooo excited about my C25K starting - Jo and I are hitting the ground running on Aug. 13th.........I am excited but nervous - running creates noises for skin flapping and smacking together.......gonna have to duct tape some shit down or something???

One last thing and then I'm going to shut up - anyone ever roasted a chicken in the crockpot??? OH MY GOSH - my family loves it! Here is all you do:

Cover bottom of crockpot with aluminum foil balls (wad up foil - I also spray my crockpot with Pam first)

Place chicken on foil - breast side up and sprinkle with seasoning (I use Cajun seasoning but I have also used Italian Dressing, Lemon Pepper, Grill Seasoning)

Cover and cook on high for 5 hours

Let the chicken rest for a few minutes before pulling the meat off so you don't lose all your juices.........mmmmmm......chicken falls off the bone! When dinner is done, I debone and freeze the rest of the meat for casseroles or really should try it - it is an easy fix and everybody loves it!

Okay Barbie has to run - I've got to catch up on everybody too!! Barbie (((HUGS)))!!


Anonymous said...

MMMM - the crockpot chicken sounds really good! I love my crockpot!

WeightBGone said...

OMG I love boiled okra!! I was born and raised in the south so okra was something I grew up on. Yankees dont get into okra as much as Southerners do so its not as available here. Fried okra is yum too but not as healthy as the boiled.

I leave on vacation for the Gulf Shores in two weeks and I cant wait to have me some okra.

Roasted chicken in the crockpot sounds like a good meal plan I am gonna try soon. Grizzly Adams loves chicken so he might like to chow down on some of that. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

Colette said...

yummmmyyyy I am going to have to try that chicken in the crock pot out myself!

I moved to PA for a year one time and I went to the grocery and asked the guy in the produce dept where the Okra was and his reply was......ready for this?


Swizzlepop said...

Ask Roni if she has a peach pie recipe that is WW friendly. Maybe if you start baking stuff that is safe to eat you won't have the nightime encounters LOL

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Hey, peaches ARE fruit... and I'm planning on eating an entire fresh peach pie all by myself for my birthday next month. Besides, most of the fat is in the crust, right? Right? Right? Yah, I knew you'd agree with me, I can always count on you. I'm glad to be back to the safety of home and my computer! I totally missed you!

BB said...

Hate Okra and love peaches! I had Okra once in Missouri. My Grandmother fried it & it was tooo slimy. But I'm the asparagus freak now, so I understand your cravings. Don't you hate it when you think you'll have one little bite & the next thing you know the item (pie, casserole, etc) is 1/2 gone! *#&@&)

BB said...

Hate Okra and love peaches! I had Okra once in Missouri. My Grandmother fried it & it was tooo slimy. But I'm the asparagus freak now, so I understand your cravings. Don't you hate it when you think you'll have one little bite & the next thing you know the item (pie, casserole, etc) is 1/2 gone! *#&@&)