This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Advice Needed??

I'm stumped and frustrated and just down right pissed off! I have been busting my ass for 2 weeks at the gym and still NO loss - nothing, nadda, zilch, zero........I've been limiting my carbs per the docs instructions and up'ing the protein - drinking water like a fish and just down right humping it.....I worked out 4 days last week (serious workouts in spite of the injuries) and already been to the gym 3 times this what gives??? Barbie feels like a bloated, beached whale today and I don't understand it. How is it possible to lose weight without structured exercise but now I can't even shed an ounce??

Tonight is Y-Flex class - this class starts with pushups so I may be fashionably late again?? On the food front I really have been working hard to be good. Really limiting processed foods and eating more protein. I'm really focusing on sugar and carbs.......diabetes and heart disease are so common in my family and with PCOS my chances are only increased so I want to be proactive!

It is so good to be back in the swing of things. Back to my old job, back to my routine, back to my friends aka Barbies! I still have soooo much to do because I'm going to be out of the office tomorrow and Friday so gotta get my Barbie butt moving! Hugs to you all and any advice you have on the weightloss issue would be great!


MMalloy said...

Give it another week, when you really bump up the workouts it takes your body a little while to adjust. Make sure you are eating earned APs, as you can see on everyones pages there tends to be a common thread of eating a little more = lossing more.
Really I think it is just an adjustment though, your body is getting use to the new routine and it will take a wekk for it to catch up with you. You are doing awesome so stick with it!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Thats poopy... But keep trying barbie!!! At the very very least, you'll be feeling a lot better when you exercise (except for when you injure yourself on the exercise equipment, of course)...

MtngirlinCali said...

Ah, welcome to my world. Some people can do cardio multiple times a week and lose weight. People like me are doomed. Just remember that there are more ways to measure good health than just the scale. Having rock hard muscles and being in good cardiovascular shape is one of them! I think eventually you'll start to see some progress, but it'll be slow. Make sure you are eating enough to compensate for all the extra burned calories. 1200 calories a day doesn't cut it when you are burning 500+ in spin class multiple times a week. My one beef with WW---- I really don't think it gives you enough activity points when you work out seriously. Anyway, if you find the magic formula, please share! I'm burning over 600 calories a day, 5 days a week, and can't seem to make much headway in the weight loss department. I waiver by 3 lbs all month long, and I'm still a good 8 lbs above where I was a year ago....although a year ago, I had no muscle, either..... Anyway, wanted to share in your frustration. But keep up with the exercise....the health benefits are just so wonderful, and I bet that despite everything going on, it does make you feel better?

Dawn said...

Exactly what everyone else said...1)maybe you aren't eating enough if you are working a lot harder than you were before 2)make sure you are drinking even more water b/c your muslces are most likely retaining it and 3)don't put so much emphasis on the scale, look at you, you are going to the gym and working your bootie off, you are staying up with rambo and all of the other drill sargents. be proud of what you are doing and how good you are treating your body. the scale is only one way to measure success don't let it bring you down from all of the great things you have accomplished the past few weeks.

Swizzlepop said...

I definitely think you aren't eating enough and not enough of the right combos. If me increasing my points/calories and no real exercise made me drop 3 pounds in a week then you really need to EAT more (and not cookies or pudding or dry jello crack etc.) because you are buring a lot.
You never post menus, maybe you should and we can help a bit more. You don't need to do a grid but something so that we can see what is goign on and try to help.

You need to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks in between. Especially the way you are working out.
Oh and if I remember correctly from the days of when I did go to the gym a lot, they used to say that it took a minimum of 2 weeks to start seeing results, for some people it can take more.

Keep doing what your're doing because it is the right thing, you just need some tweaking.

Amanda said...

I think you need to eat more. Swizzlepop is right...since you don't post a menu we can't help to tell you where you need to eat more. Swizzlepop has also posted an excellent website (fitsugar, I think) that tells you how many calories you need in a day. I am really thinking *I* need to eat more and you are the one working out like a mad woman. All the websites I have seen tell me to eat more than what I do, hence the reason for Wendie this week. For me, I need 1800 calories just to maintain with 0 exercise. I am just using myself as an example. If you eat more though, it needs to be the right things...more protein, fuits and midnight dips in the banana pudding or jell-o. :) LOL!!

Seriously, don't sweat the scale. You have done great and now with the gym you need to give your body some time to adjust to all of that exercise.

Candace said...

I don't know how you jumped to this much exercise, or were you always into activity? Kudos to you, though.
I've wondered if you're too focused on the metal demond. I think about the pannus - and from what I've read I believe that's your last 5-10 lbs (maybe more). You are beautiful and may need toning, which also may put weight on(?) as you add muscle. You have lost so much and hopefully gained more in the process. I know I have gained through 'knowing' you.
Take care,

my30x30 said...

Hey Steph! Just my two cents... I am dealing with the same thing right now. I just started weight lifting and my muscles are oh so sore! I am up on the scale and I have noticed that whenever I push my body and throw in a new routine, my body holds onto water to help repair itself. Don't get frustrated! Your body will adjust and the weight will start to fall off! You are doing AWESOME!

Kristen said...

Hey there, just found your blog through 6 degrees of separation :)

I agree with what was previously stated, 1200 calories is not nearly enough. A lot of people who are exercising/working out will find that if they increase their calories (with healthy foods of course), the weight will once again start coming off. Your body goes into a bit of a starvation mode because you've been calorie restricting for so long. You might want to read this interesting article regarding "cheat meals/days" Cheat to Lose>
Also, don't aim for more than 2 pounds a week as you may be losing muscle if you are losing more than that. Are you testing your body fat? This is so much more important that scale weight..the scale is EVIL!! :)
One more thing is that you are probably putting on some lean body mass which will boost your metabolism, but since muscle weighs more than fat, the scale might not move.
You've done great! Don't give up!

AZ Kate /Ft Art Student said...

I'm right there with ya on the weight loss. 5 weeks of CP25K, usually 3 miles each workout, and I'm still losing the same 4 lbs over and pver again. If you figure anything out, let me know...I'm stumped!!!