This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Friday, August 10, 2007

My Menu = 123 POINTS ~ WTF!!!!

So ever wondered how in the hell I got to be 400 lbs...........yeah, me too! So I decided to do a calorie/point count for my usual day of food - WOWSER - I'm lucky I didn't 4000 lbs.......I can't believe that I ate with such abandon........I never thought about it and that is so unlike my anal, OCD, wacked out Barbie self now! So here is the shakedown:

Breakfast = 1 sausage egg/cheese biscuit, 1 egg mcmuffin, 2 hashbrowns = 1130 calories/60 grams fat/8 grams fiber = 23 points

Lunch = Double Quarter Pounder w/cheese, Large Fry, Large Milk Shake = 2080 calories/90 grams fat/11 grams fiber = 42 points

Dinner: Mexican Fast Food w/Chips, cheese sauce, beans, sour cream, muchaco, bean buritto, diet coke = approx. 1719 calories/105 grams fat/20 grams fiber = 35 points

Snacks: 2 Mountain Dews, Peanut M&M = 1,115 calories/40 grams fat/3 grams fiber = 23 points

So for the day I would consume - are you ready for this - really I can't believe that I'm alive to tell about it - God this is embarassing - okay here goes: 6044 calories/295 grams fat/42 grams fiber = 123 Points

SHIT - in a day.......that is what I eat in almost a week - hmmmm, and I wonder why I had a weight problem........all I can say is that doing that exercise makes me really proud of the lifestyle changes I have made!!! Go ME - suddenly I don't hate my pannus so much, especially now that I realize how much fat that sucker carried body isn't my enemy - it actually was doing me a huge favor for a hell of a long time!


Swizzlepop said...


You definitely have reason to be proud! Not only are you thinner but you are healthier! Barbie kicks ass!

WeightBGone said...

I've never stopped and thought of how many points I used to eat in a day but I know it had to be a lot.

Thankfully all of us are striving to become healthier and happier individuals.

Hope your weekend is great. :)

KimLookAlike said...

WOW - that is amazing. I never have thought about how I used to eat like that before- just wow. You look great now and I am so glad you have taken control of our eating!!! :-) I added you to my Google Reader!! :-)
AJ AKA TiVo Barbie

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Wow, that is scary... and the worst part is that most people DO eat like that for at least one meal every day... I am amazed at your transition and your ability to change such terrible (but enjoyable) eating habits. You are awesome!

BB said...

That little reminder just shows how far you've come! You are so inspiring to me!!! Plus you're funny too ;)

Candace said...

Hey Barbie, What a week you've had. I read back to the 'udder' post (LOL). Saggin skin sucks. I think half of the body fat I've lost has been in my boobs. I mentioned it to Mark. "Mark, it sucks that my boobs got smaller. I can really tell in my bathing suite.", to which he replied "I noticed." Anyhoo, I'll never be able to wear a bikini again either, and I only ever made it to 205 (before pushing out monkey #2 at 9lbs 15oz - oh yeah, major painage). Major stretch marks and mini pannus (is that right?) - for visual, visit Roni's site nothin' will be posted on Scarlett's.
Wow on the foodage. I actually think I gained weight due to portion confusion (cup of nuts, 1/4 cup of veggies, very little meat, lotsa carbs). You seem to be in a mellow mood lately. I've been thinking about you're last 5 lbs and wonder what the pannus weighs. Maybe you should just subtract her from your scale weight.
Cheers, Candace

jodi said...

all i can say is, wow... :-o

trendsetter barbie