This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm dying!!!

Okay guys this is short and sweet - I am swamped at work - no swamped isn't even the word! 12 hour days aren't even putting a dent in my stack of stuff to do......I feel so out of sorts, so far behind and very much in withdrawls from my Barbie Buddies!!! Shit I need a break or a 2 on Wendie wasn't bad - day 3 is proving to be a challenge as the only thing I have touched today is 2 breath mints and a couple sticks of gum........I did manage to guzzle all of my water in a span of 30 minutes - thought I was going to drown!

So don't forget me - this is me being needy, clingy, Barbie - I am not lost forever - at some point I will emerge from my coccoon of crap to do and emerge a, I would like to say a butterfly but I will probably look more like a moth at that point!! Colette - I heart you 2!!! Vampira - I gotta catch up with you!! Smoking Single Barbie - glad that you love your name and have you KICKED Ken to the curb yet??? Get busy girl! Jo - we are still on for the 13th - busy or not I'm gonna run!!!! Diet Coke & Zingers - Soooooo glad that you're home and Mal - your cabin looks fab!!! Okay gotta run to another meeting - talk to you all soon and I HEART you all!!!


Calyn said...

Sorry it sounds like a stressful day...hang in there ((hugs)) And hope you get some food in there, mints are gum are not going to sustain you for long ;)

Swizzlepop said...

I hope work slows down soon, don't they know that we have business to take care of in Barbie Blogland?

And eat lady, you need to start carrying snacks in your purse. calyn is right mints/gum will not sustain you, unless of course you eat a few packs and even then they bur off fast ;)

MMalloy said...

You are so awesome. Remember to take care of yourself or you will burn out. I hope things settle down for you, I totally get being busy though, I will never take a week off again (or atleast till this hospital is built)!!

Jo said...

Oh man, hope things slow down for you soon! We don't need Burnout Barbie to join our ranks!! I'm having fun on vacation except it's over 100 degrees so instead of lake-fun today we went shopping. I don't think I have enough money left to buy food next week (LOL) but it doesn't take money to RUN! We are on!

Amanda said...

Take care of yourself!! You need to eat...that's part of the Wendie plan! Doesn't your work know that we need you in our Barbie Brigade?!?!? Come on! :) We will all be here when you aren't so busy. But we miss you and your Barbie-ness!!! :)

Colette said...

Steph~ I so understand where your coming from. I had tons of stuff to complete in 3 days since I was taking off Thurs and Fri!! I was swamped too but......
I got it all done...and had a GREAT review and even got a huge bonus!! Yeah me!
listen I don't care what plan your on but you MUST eat! I want you to go right now and put some snacks in your big old PINK BARBIE PURSE!!!
You have to take care of yourself and don't forget it!
I <3 you too!