This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Everchanging Pannus!

So maybe this post is only for Vampira Barbie but I just had to document was a bit comical! You know everyone asks what about extra skin when I lose weight......I asked that question too! I read countless articles, how to's, what to do's, drink water, exercise, blah blah - it didn't matter - there is some excess skin "hanging" around.........I can find very few places on my body that do not look a bit like deflated calves, face and lower arms look rather good as do my feet (do feet really count though?) I can wear necklaces, anklets, smaller shoes - the whole thing but the problem lies within the rest of my thighs have a sort of saggy, rippled effect - like a tidal wave gone bad. My upper arms resemble bat wings and given the opportunity I could probably double as a parasail for a small child. My back is layered ridges - I like to think that maybe my ribs just stick out farther than most...........I have the lovely layer of jowels right under my dried prune boobies and then of course there is the pannus........yep - my crown jewel of all saggy skin!!! Am I complaining, not today necessarily - today I am okay with it and I realize that it is a part of life........what am I gonna do short of hatcheting it off!

For those of you who read my usual posts you understand that my acceptance of this "friend" is a bit bizarre - yeah well, as with anything, there are good days and bad days. Yesterday was a moment to be remembered so I'm documenting it here for all of you fine ladies to read - I know how thrilled you all must be!

Last night after cooking dinner for the boys and cleaning the kitchen - I sat down in my bedroom and was feeling an inclination towards being Zen Barbie.........hmmmmmmm - maybe yoga would be back, knees and hips were feeling a bit creaky (something else that I had no idea I would feel AFTER I lost weight) so I assumed that yoga was the ticket. Now keep in mind that in my house anything that requires concentration or quiet is going to have to be conducted in the bathroom safely behind a locked door - I didn't think yoga on a stained concrete floor was the ticket so I braved it in my I'm on all 4's I look up and see my cat staring at me - I swear she looked horrified - of course then the kid comes in - "what are you doing", "yoga", "yogurt?", "no, yoga" - geez people - 5 minutes of was apparent that Zen Barbie was going to have to become Bitchy Barbie and slam the damn door - luckily for the boy he got the hint and scuttled off to construct something out of legos!

So I'm on all 4's and my shirt drapes you really must get a good visual of this to totally I am, in my pj's with no bra on.........this basically puts me looking like a 10 year old boy when I am standing upright!!! The girls kind of lay down somewhere under my armpits and they don't emerge until morning when I pull their tired asses out of bed and hoist them up with duct tape and super glue! So I'm on hands and knees in a cow pose.......who the hell thinks of these names.......what is so graceful and/or serene about being a cow!!! Anyway, I'm in the cow pose - shirt is gaping a bit in the front and I peek in - okay that was a mistake..........suddenly my serene calm and deep breathing are traded in for hysteria and heavy panting - I am beginning to sound like a cow giving birth..........I'm staring in total horror - that CAT is staring in total horror and then Ken, hearing my moans, walks in and asks what in the hell I am doing - DAMNIT Ken - can't i get a moment of peace to deal with my UDDERS!!! Yep girls - I looked down into my shirt and saw what appeared to be udders..........ummmm - what the hell is that and how did those get there!!!! Okay so I knew about the sagging skin but I didn't sign up to be the milk factory???!!!! Now my next question is more to myself than anyone - why Barbie, why must you then proceede to stick your hand down your shirt and squeeze - as if milk is really going to squirt out???? I think I must have sat there staring at the transformation for at least 10 minutes - the emotions ranged from confused, to shocked, to horrified, to okay.............suddenly I realized that so much of the extra layer I see on a daily basis, while standing upright, is only skin.......I mean surely fat doesn't fall like that and feel so squishy/empty when squeezed??? Who knows - hope I didn't gross everyone out with that story but in the horror of feeling like a cow i realized that my 5 year plan (yep it includes the book, Oprah, a baby and then a pannulectomy) would take care of the udders and my how different my life would be!!


WeightBGone said...

What the hell are udders good for anyway other than for men to gawk at. LOL

I hear ya though I just pick mine up and throw them over my shoulder it confuses people when the girls rest on my back.

Good luck on the Wendie plan let me know how it goes. I know you will do a fantastic job!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

My girls are not my friends these days either... trust me, nursing 4 kids is not exactly great for the boobies... but at least it sounds like I'm in good company!

Swizzlepop said...

Why do you torture me like this? You realize that I seriously see and hear pannus on a daily basis. I saw lots of it in PA (just a larger people per capita in that area). I saw 2 for sure that made me want to actyally explain to the husband what a pannus was just so that I could get it out instead of letting the word swirl around in my head. I wanna know who came up with the word pannus and if they realized how close to penis it looks. And do mutiple pannus become pani like peni?
Thanks for the laugh, and sorry about the udders. You really need a lock on that door! :)