This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Friday, August 3, 2007

New Year's in August???

California here I come!! Just kidding - I wish - vacation sounds like a wonderful place right now! To say that things are a bit more than busy would be safe........I do this to myself though - cram it all much as I can......more more more!! This Barbie has the temperant of a small child on some days - I so often find it difficult to be logical and level headed. I crave logic and constant; however, I seem to stir up strife and confusion! In an effort to put all of this in order and to save what little is left of my sanity - I have started making lists.......not that I follow them well but I can make a hell of a list! I'm great at coming up with ideas but not worth a damn on the follow through!! I said all of that to say that after reading KL's post last night, I have decided to make some "New Year's Resolutions" ala August!! I really think it is important to have a few key goals to work towards and I usually keep them close by but over the last few months I have let that practice slip a bit - so here goes!! Put on your party hats girls, break out the confetti and champagne - we are reliving New Years Eve!!!

1. Continue blogging and writing my book (yep, it is official - I started a book but more on that later - I gotta make ADD Barbie shut the hell up so I can get through this damn list!)
2. To start and finish that C25K thing - everyone is doing it and I am not going to be left behind!
3. To get our house ready to sell and on the market.
4. To get rid of these last 10 pounds - and maybe to quit having such a love affair with food!!!

Okay so there it is......I don't want to make huge commitments and set myself up for failure so those 4 are important and attainable! Anyone else got some resolutions??

Now last thing - I am really trying to gear up for going back to my old job - I love that place but sometimes the insanity is utterly insane! It is really like working for Ricky Ricardo - now you all should enjoy that as he is ALWAYS good for entertainment and comedic relief!! He comes complete with accent, temper and the ability to talk between English and Spanish when he gets pissed off.......he really is a riot and thank God I have finally figured out how to decipher half of the shit he says! Then there is Mama Jen or aka Lucy - she is the VP of Operations and is really the brains behind the operation but shhhhh....don't tell Ricky that, he thinks no one can BaBaLoo like him! They fight, he screams and she cries (not really but she gets that look)! Of course you have to remember the others like Brandon, the office gay guy and my soul sista!! Then there is Mama Kathy - she is like a younger version of June cleaver - she wears pearls and loafers - she is always smiling and sweet! Of course there are a zillion others, like our Aussie IT guy and Italian VP of Sales - I'm telling you guys, you think you have laughed before - you ain't seen nothing yet!!!

I walked the parking garage already today - trying to get out of my funk - eating has been better but with the way this week has been I'm not beating the hell out of myself. On a bright note - hubby has been soooooo incredibly supportive with all this craziness~!! I know I owe emails and updates, Barbie names and a ton of other stuff - never fear - my goal is to work on getting this updated this weekend - well and to pack up my closet, dig out hubby's, grandfather's grave marker (evidently it has fallen into a sink hole - not sure how I feel about digging around in a cemetary but whatcha gonna do??) - have dinner/birthday party for mom in shopping, laundry, house cleaning and oh maybe some sleep??? LOL - once again, I'm off and running - maybe I can slow down on Monday??


Jo said...

8/13 is our day: Mark it down, ADD Barbie! That begins #2 on your list.

My resolution is to stop beating myself up for my failures, since they really aren't "failures". That's not only an attainable goal, it's necessary to a happy life.

I so can't wait to hear stories from your new job. I love angry Spanglish! Bring it on!

Steph said...

Jo - okay marking it down - taking a deep breath......I already feel the stress - I'm repeating, I can do this, I can do this, I can!! Running, me - can a Barbie run in Trixie heels????

Melanie said...

You betcha that a Barbie can run in Trixie heels! If she can't then she is not a barbie at all. So glad you are going to do cp25k. I love it. And the time does go by fast...remember it is only every other day and only 3 days a week.

Once school starts I need to make sure that I am still a priority. Typically when I get slammed at school I stop working out and stop eating healthy. But this year will be different. I WILL make time for me. I have to right? Other wise I'm sure you will send a barbie to kick my fanny and drag me to the gym!!

Jo said...

You can do this, you will do this. Hear us panting already? Looks like we start slowly enough, it really won't be that bad ;)

Of course Barbie runs in Trixie heels with her shopping bags trying to catch up to Ken in the pink convertible. And looks fabulous the entire time!

MMalloy said...

So many changes while I was gone! Sounds like you have your hands full. I am so happy to hear you have started the book (officially), I would love to see you on Oprah someday, you deserve it!
Good luck with C25K, you will do great and feel even better when it is accomplished! I am cheering for you!