This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Monday, November 19, 2007

But I'm a PRINCESS Damn'it!

Thanksgiving week is upon us girls!! Woohoo - I love Thanksgiving but could do without my birthday......especially since it won't be at the spa, which was how I originally planned to spend the day! Rather than a massage and facial I will be frying a turkey in the freezing cold, with my husband's family.........that is one of the problems with having a birthday right around a major holiday. It doesn't matter what YOU want to do, everything/everybody's plans supercede your day. Literally, one year for my birthday (it was on Thanksgiving that year), my stepmom got me a pumpkin pie instead of a cake! Come on - I was like 7 years old.......what an idiot! Okay enough ranting about my birthday, on to important things like food intake and exercise and weight loss challenges!

First I'll start by saying that I did good calorie wise over the weekend but only because I just wasn't in the mood to eat....I nibbled here and there, ate a meal of two but for the most part I just wasn't into it. I think it is my mental freak out about how much crap I will consume at Thanksgiving??

Exercise was good - hit the gym on Friday and Saturday. To tell you all how emotional I have been (thanks to fake hormones)....I was in my step class on Saturday, puffy and pitiful. I didn't feel good and I had a major case of "I'm a Princess" - basially that is a nice way of putting - I was acting like a major tit bag.....I know you're all saying, grow up Barbie - "but damnit I'm a princess and I don't have to" was my motto for the morning. So I drug my puffy, princess, period ass to the step class - all the while thinking - I hate this, I hate this, I hate this! Not a good way to get you mentally ready for a challenging class at the gym. I was dressed in my baggies capris and XL t-shirt - barely brushed hair and teeth. Basically I just showed up. I setup my step with 2 risers, assuming that it would be our normal class............WRONG - can you say step aerobics on speed!! Newsflash - Mambo and ChaCha are dance moves - do I look like a freaking dancer.......uh, obviously not! The instructor (who was there when I fell off my bike in spin class) saw my step and mentioned that maybe I should go to one riser - huh, but I'm Bitchin' Gym Barbie - one riser - HA! I scoff at one riser.......insert smug laugh here! The music starts and it doesn't take me long to realize that Theresa has shaken up her routine a bit........this isn't 3 minute intervals of weights and step - this isn't take a break and grab some water - this isn't basic moves with a few twists - F' NO - this is full on, frontal nudity, balls to the walls, fifth gear baby! 15 minutes into it and I am already feeling the sweat run down my legs, into my socks and shoes! GROSS! Suddenly the sweat stains start appearing on my shirt - dear God - I look like I'm sweating off a 2 day drunk - poor Theresa (instructor) keeps looking back at me with fear - but what is she going to do at this point. "Excuse me class......Stephanie thought she was a bitchin' barbie and obviously set herself up for failure so we're going to have to take it down a notch or two!"....that wasn't going to work so she ramped it up. Actually I did great until the last 8 minute interval and at that point I was dying.....literally - a bit lightheaded and stumbling around. I didn't want a replay of the tripping/pants ripping so I decided to keep my feet moving but not in the such a fast motion! I'm proud to report that I made it through though........with all of my barbie body parts still intact!

Tonight I need to hit some weights.........I'm going to work hard and go in with a plan because I really just want to work through it and get home to start the bakefest!! Before I leave the gym, I have to weigh in for their annual "Holiday NO Gain" challenge. Truthfully, I'm afraid - of what I don't know?? Short circuiting maybe? Not that the seeing the number on the scale make is more or less than it acutally is but sometimes ignorance is bliss?? So if you don't hear from me over the next few days, maybe you should check the local jails or the paper - headlines could read - Barbie Bitch Goes Mad and Hurls Scale Through Plate Glass, Gym Window!

BTW - Blueberry Salad Recipe is coming next!


MMalloy said...

You made it throught that step class and that is something to be proud of, I just haven't had the motivation these days to push that hard.
You will do fabulous over the holidays, just stick to your plan and have fun baking!
If I don't catch you before Friday, have a WONDERFUL Birthday, you deserve a day of pampering and rest, hopefully you can get it when you get back from camping!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Tina said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! OMG, I LOVE when you write.. I just recently got back into gym workouts and I swear I keep getting the "do you need a medic" looks.. :)) Hey, HAPPY HAPPY Birthday... If you want, I'll make you birthday cake.. might get smooshed when shipped though!

Scale Junkie said...

You should be proud of making it through that class! I'm freakin proud of you!!

My Mom's bday was around Thanksgiving so we always celebrated it on Thanksgiving. My Ken's bday is Christmas yeah I know a bit about eating cake on the holidays!

Camping/spa treatment, mud puddles/mud bath...well...not quite what you had in mind but hopefully you'll have a happy bday!!

WeightBGone said...

Happy Birthday Princess Steph!! I hear ya when it comes to the gym. After 50 minutes on the treadmill I look like a drooling convulsing cardiac patient. Not a pretty sight to behold thats for sure.

You have yourself a wonderful Thanksgiving and Birthday. I "heart" you my friend!!

Candace said...

Holidays and Birthdays - I HEAR ya. I'm not sure I would have done the campling thing. I would have thrown a little Barbie tantrum, stayed home and ended up having a miserable time because I ruined everyone else's fun. Balls!

Colette said...

Happy BIRTHDAY my BARBIE friend!! I hope you have a wonderful deserve it. You have worked so hard to get where you are and so deserve to reap the benefits!!
Kudo's to you for kicking ass at the gym too. I am so amazed you have really embraced this gym thing, something I have avoided..LOL
I hope you have a great turkey day and I heart you!!