This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Friday, January 4, 2008

TGIF....swelling saga continues

So last night was spin class and I went even with my super swollen legs, which by the way, the doc says may be normal but I should probably have my heart checked out.........uhhhh, WHAT! How do you casually tell someone that there heart may have excess fluid around it??? I am now limiting my fluid intake, drinking cranberry juice and monitoring the pain/numbness in my arms and shoulders.......if things don't improve significantly by next week then off to the doc for a full evaluation. Great - I can't wait!

Back to important things like spin class and made it to spin class but I know I didn't work as hard as I could have - I just honestly struggled through the class and couldn't find my zone. Oh well - I have tomorrow morning ot make up for it! Now food - god this is like confession or something...........okay, okay, I confess - I did awful last night. I was starving when I got home from the gym so I ate some popcorn - not bad in itself - but then I had my usual dinner of roasted veggies and spinach with egg whites....then there was a piece of high fiber toast, uhhh a sugar free pudding cup, a few fritos, an apple dipped in yogurt and a handful of cereal......each individually wasn't bad but when I added up my total daily calorie consumption is was 1800 calories - WHAT - OMG! I almost cried - now before anyone starts screaming at me - yes I did go to spin class so I burned calories - no I didn't go over in my points when I added in AP's but what did I do:

1. Ate for no good reason - I wasn't hungry but rather unsatisfied
2. Gave in to my longing to eat just because I couldn't sleep - I've really been working to break the "midnight snack" habit
3. If I was honest with myself, which I don't always enjoying being but in the instance it is necessary - I felt the sensible angel tell me to shut my pie hole and quit shoveling food in - the devil on the other hand said - but you were too sick to eat, you exercised, this will make you feel better......hmmm, LIAR!! Instead of feeling better I felt bloated and guilty........see just goes to show that comfort food only offers momentary comfort!

So I drug my bloated butt to work this morning only to find an email from a great friend, whom I've never met in real life, but have talked to for almost a year. This person found via the magazine cover, in a Walmart, in NC - how is that for a match made in Heaven??? So she looked me up on myspace, emailed me and we began a friendship.........she is incredibly funny and totally gets it AND she is battling the weight loss game AND she is blogging now SO I'm hoping that all of my buddies will drop by her house and cheer her is her address:

All right - now I'm off to figure out how to get my legs to look semi normal. This water retention is really bad for someone who is as neurotic as I am about weight.....I would love to know how much water weight I have on me but I don't think it would be wise to step on Mr. Scale - I could break him - either by girth or by throwing him across the room again???

Good luck guys and have a great weekend!


Candace said...

Hi Steph, How are you doing for breakfasts and eating through the day? I've read that when you don't eat enough in the early part of the day your body goes into carb withdrawal and such later in the day and causes major cravings. As I recall you tend to save a lot of your points for later in the day. Not a good idea. You should really try to break up your eating evenly through the day.
Also, did the doctor say to limit fluid intake to help the swelling go down? It was my understanding (and my experience) that drinking the water actually flushed the fluid your body is holding on to. Your body is afraid it won't get the fluid it needs (especially with the crazy workouts you do) and hangs on to what it gets for dear life.
Sorry to be such a nagger, now make sure you eat some protein before bed and brush you toofins. Oh, the body loves protein to sleep on.

Steph said...

Awwww - Candace thanks for your concern. I thought the fluid limiting was strange too but apparently if it is a heart issue then they tell you to limit fluid - 8 glasses of water is okay but I typically drink about 150 ounces a day.

On an up note I did go to my whole food store/pharmacy and talked to the pharmacist. She was concerned about the swelling (especially when my excess stomach skin aka pannus swells) and told me to check with the doc for sure. She did point me in the direction of some herbal stuff that I took about 4 hours ago and it seems to be working some.........we'll see in the morning??

I know, I know - I didn't do well yesterday with eating because I was struggling with all the fluid. Then I got home and finally felt like eating and goodness knows that is just what I on top of my already wacked out habits I have the swelling too......just one more obstacle to overcome, right??

So a question for you - did you join PhitNPhat?? What do you think? I love Corrine but I'm so hesitant to spend anymore money on my already wacky lifestyle. Between gym, vitamins, food, etc. I'm pushing 4 or 500 bucks a month. So what is your opinion - I trust your judgment?? BTW - you look fab and WTG on the loss during Christmas - you're just trying to make us all look bad - LOL

WeightBGone said...

Hi Steph

I hope you are feeling better soon and find out what is causing the water retention and pain/numbness in your arms and shoulders.

You are in my thoughts and prayers that this problem will be corrected soon. Take care of yourself ok. Have a great weekend. :)

Tina said...

Steal away girl! I LOVE comfort foods, especially at a total of 7 points a pop! TOM is approaching so I'm needing warm, filling foods... How are you feeling today? Any luck with the swelling?

Scale Junkie said...

when I was retaining water, they found it was due to a medication I was taking and slightly elevated blood pressure. Just go and get checked out and then you'll know for sure whats going on.


Candace said...

Steph, I hope you figure this out soon. The heart is nothing to mess with, that's for sure. Pharmacists are such wonderful, oft under-used, sources of information. I have 2 that I would trust almost as much as my doctor.

I did join PnP, but I really don't spend a lot of money outside of WW meetings and food. I bought some free weights at Play It Again Sports in the beginning (5 and 8lbs) and picked up a yoga mat. I also bought some protein powder and protein bars which I wouldn't have done otherwise - but they weren't necessary expenditures. Other than that all I've spent so far is the 3-month intro. fee. I just picked up 10lb weights today because I feel I'm ready to move up on some exercises. I don't do as much cardio as I need to and am also looking for an inexpensive cardio machine. Missed a deal on a stationary bike for $25 this weekend. I know what you mean about outlay of cash - after Christmas and that I refuse to settle on my WW goal it gets harder for me to justify spending any more money. Also, hubby took Sept off for a course we paid for (didn't pass yet) and then was laid off Nov 30, so things are starting to get tight. Check out some of Corrine's free schedules and maybe try to incorporate them into your workouts at the gym. It may give you a feel if you want to do this or not. I do the at-home routine and the only draw-back is trying to negotiate the stairs with wobbly legs afterwards to 'hide' my weights away from the kids.

MMalloy said...

Hey Steph, I hope the swelling got better and you have some answers soon!
You are awesome for making it to the gym with everything else on your mind!

Tina said...

I keep lurking.. where are you?? Hope you're okay. Hugs.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I'm thinking- sure it's not great that you ate when you weren't hungry, but you made some pretty good choices. Don't be so hard on yourself cute girl!