This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Monday, September 24, 2007

Reporting on the Weigh In

Nothing really to report - there wasn't any change from last week. I was a bit disappointed but then TOM showed up on Saturday so I just chalked it up to bloat. Today my rings are tight, pants are snug and I feel like a small whale but again, TOM just sucks! I did work out with the weights on Friday night and hit what I thought was going to be a cardio-kickboxing class on Saturday morning - ummmmm, not so was more like a lunatic lady that combined step and salsa moves - oh and don't forget the insane amount of jumping jacks, lunges and pushups we did - WOW...........really there is a funny story as it relates to this class but not sure that I'm up to getting it all down but I PROMISE to relay it to you all! Let's just say there was a class of about 20 people - one was a guy (bless his heart) and one chick looked like she was on crack - I've never seen someone bounce like that before............she scared me!

As for food this weekend - I didn't do bad but I was consistent in hitting about 28 points every day - I would like to see it a bit lower for the most part..........I really need to get my night time eating in check as that is when I seem to eat the majority of my points. I also met with my Doctor this morning and found out that one of the meds I take is notorious for causing weight gain.........GREAT - he wants me to stop taking it because hubby and I are trying for a baby - I am hoping that this will help some of my cravings........who knows though???

Tonight is the gym and then home to watch Dancing With The Stars - my son and I love this show! Gotta catch up on everyone - hope you all have a great day!


jodi said...

sounds like my class last week - lunges and push-ups, thought i would die... congrats on the maintain though, i will take one of those over a gain any time... :o)

Courtney said...

Seriously...those days where everything feels tight are the worst. Motivate with your maintain...your workouts are sounding great!!!

Courtney (formeforlife)

Colette said...

Steph~ I am so proud of you! I hope one day I can have your energy! I am so amazed....


I am ok, just lurking and waiting til tomorrow to see what happens with Joshua.

I heart you

miss gloss said...

Ugh- I need to get on the exercise train!!! It's so inspiring to see someone so motivated!

Amanda said...

Hey, I'd take a maintain over a gain ANY DAY!!!

You are doing so great Ms Gym Bunny Barbie! :)