This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Do or Die!!

So today is the big day - let's just hope it isn't "big" - the terror of the weigh in. Ughhhh - don't know why I am sooo nervous, maybe because I have been eating more. I have been doing this on purpose though but it's just the mindset of diet = eating less, losing weight equates to deprivation, right??? Well that isn't true and I know it so I have consciously been trying to make better food choices more often. You know, breakfast, lunch and dinner........what a novel idea! So I have been averaging about 27 points a day on workout days - this makes me nervous!! I have ramped up the protein via FF cottage cheese, tuna, egg whites and milk. I think I actually got in 100 grams one day last week! Also have been trying to limit the carbs to a goal for this weekend is to not eat any fruit after 6:00 p.m. - fruit in itself isn't bad but the sugar/glucose that it creates causes issues for me and I can put on weight by eating fruit late at night (which I do every night) so this weekend I am going to have my fruit for breakfast with my milk.

I ran across a great website that has a lot of information about strength training and diet - - really has some interesting nutrition can also log your activity, food intake and get meal plans - you should check it out if you have spare time! Based on my goals, I am planning to weight train on Monday/Friday and Tues/Thur is spin class. That leaves Wed/Sat with my step aerobics with weights, so I'm good for cardio and weights on these days. I can tell that things are firming up - my hips don't spread quite so far when I sit and my pants are now baggy in the butt. I can start to see a hint of muscle definition so at least I know that my hardwork is paying off! I still can't believe that I have actually gotten into this gym/exercise unlike me! Next week I'm going to miss a spin class because we are going to the first preseason hockey game of the year (GO STARS!!!)........I think this will be good for my body - a little bonus rest during the week!

Okay last thing - if you like protein bars and peanut butter than you should try the Snickers Marathon Low Carb bar in Peanut Butter - is 170 calories, 7 grams of fat, 8 grams of fiber and 18 grams of protein! An added bonus is that there is only 1 gram of sugar and 18 grams of carbs. I love these things - they are not overly sweet - are very rich and peanut buttery and they are substantial - you know, chewy and heavy - you actually feel like you ate something as oppossed to some of the bars that seem like a minature candy bar! I love these things and have started packing one in my gym bag for right after spin class or any high intensity workout - they help get me going again and I don't feel so wiped out! I find that at Super Walmart of Walgreens/CVS Drugstores.

All right - I'll report back on the scale story this evening. Gonna finish up work, rush out at 4:00 to pickup the kiddo, hit the gym for some weights and weigh in..........ohhhhh I'm nervous - please, please, please send me some good vibes! I just don't want to get freaked out and discouraged and if the scale moves up anymore I may have a meltdown!


MMalloy said...

RELAX! You are doing everything right, you will see that loss, I just know it!! My fingers are crossed for you all day long!!
I am so excited about preseason starting!!! Your Stars used to be my North Stars so I LOVE them and we FINALLY have a NHL team of our own so I can actually go to the games!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!

Amanda said...

Chill out Barbie--CHILL!!!!! You have done everything correctly. You are getting all the SKINNY VIBES I can offer you right now!
NOW, have you weighed on this scale before?? If not, be prepared just in case. It won't be horrible, I am sure! I just want you to be prepared! :)

Candace said...

Dito - Relax. Listen to your jeans. You're doing great.

Anonymous said...

Breathe in...breathe out! You're going to be OK - no matter what the scale says tonight! (but I know you'll be fine!!)