This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How To Injure Your Trainer!

Let me just say that I don't think I'm completely recovered from spin class last night.......WOW! Evidently our instructor had a bone to pick with someone and we wound up being the helpless victims. I'm not kidding when I say that half way through, I got off my bike and went to throw up. It was intense but short of the couple of minutes it took me to get sick, I was there for all of it! I can't hardly believe it actually - I got home and I was totally wiped out. Her class is so hard that I feel worn for the rest of the week but next week I won't have to worry because I'll be at the first pre-season hockey game - WOOHOO!! My Ken and I are sooooo excited that hockey season is starting back up - the breaks are way too long for our liking!

Okay so on to the free weight story - really nothing knocks down your ego quite like weight training. I get to the Y feeling pretty good about myself - I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I have been busting my ass at the gym - really working and trying to focus so I think this whole weight thing is piece of cake - nothing can be as hard as trying to make a stationary bike take off into orbit like a NASA rocket - right??? WRONG - I started by doing some bicep curls - I'm thinking 20 pounds each hand - no prob........shit, who was I kidding - let's just say that I was knocked down to 10 pound weights rather quickly! Then came flies - now these things just suck.......they hurt and I HATE them with a passion - what I hate more than that is having Buff Bob behind me, watching and giving pointers - now his advice was not unsolicited but when your bat wings are quivering like a bowl of jelly, you get a little self conscious! Next we move on to tricep work - the guy hands me the weights and tells me to point me elbows towards the ceiling and lower my forearms......oh yeah, I can feel the burn. I get through the first set - feeling pretty good but getting shaky! Now here is Buff Bob practically sniffing my armpits behind me.......I swear I think I'm going to clock this guy in the head if I'm not careful. I make it through the second set okay but he doesn't let me rest between 2 and 3 so I start telling him "I can't do this.......I'm not gonna make it.........I'm going to drop these weights!" He chuckles - you know that condescending laugh that men can give us helpless was about that time that I dropped the weight behind my head...........yeah, it wasn't pretty. Down goes the weight, crashing towards Bob's foot - thank God he was able to escape almost unharmed. I think he was just shocked that I actually dropped it........I felt like a total idiot but I couldn't help but giggle - I mean I told the guy that I couldn't do it! I'm thinking he probably won't be helping me again!

Last night after the spin class from hell I got home to find that dear Ken had sprayed popcorn crap on the ceiling again - now this is that texture stuff that had to be put on the new sheetrock that we put in the ceiling - only thing is this crap went everywhere!!! All over my clothes, furniture, jewelry, mirror, all over Ken, the carpet - it was a mess! My mind was racing and my thoughts were to scream at him but I tried to hold my temper - poor guy........this house renovation is rough on him too and especially when all of his projects seem to take an ugly turn! Ken wouldn't have any luck if it weren't for bad luck and Tim the Toolman he is not so I try to be patient. At the rate we're going it will 2010 before we ever get the house on the market though.

Last but not least - my weekly Y weigh in is in 2 days. Since I mangled the scale I can't weigh at home and decided to weigh every Friday at the Y - we'll see how it goes this week! I really need a loss, even if it is just a cheap thrill! Start sending skinny vibes my way! On a good note - my size 6 pants are fitting very well now and I can even wear most of my 5's..........WOOHOO - even if I'm not losing weight, I'm losing inches, right???


Amanda said...

HAHAHAHA!!! He should have listened when you told him you were going to drop the weight! Hey, at least he didn't get hurt!

You are doing so well at the gym. You are definitely losing inches! Hopefully the scale will catch up soon!!

Melanie said...

Me and my hubby love hockey too! Red Wings baby!!! :) I am so proud of you for getting into that gym and working out! You are inspiring me to get back to the gym and grab those weights!!!

Thinking happy thoughts for you at weigh in!


Jo said...

LOL! Poor Bob. That's what he gets for doubting you like you're a silly flirt. Glad to hear you're seeing the results and I am praying for you that it translates onto the scale. Good luck!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

FOR SURE you're losing inches! You're doing so great girly!!

MMalloy said...

You are totally losing inches, don't forget that. The scale will catch up soon! I am not a huge lover of free weights, but I know they are what I need to do to get certain areas to shape up.
I hope the house repairs/renovation starts to go a little smoother for both you and Ken!!

NCChris said...

You are totally losing inches!! AWESOME job! DH & I also love hockey! Go 'Canes!


Candace said...

YOU are a total nut, LOL. You should request that trainer again just to see the look on his face.