This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm DIVORCING him!!!

Yep - that's right. It is over, finished, done - I'm sick of his shit!!! This morning was the final straw.......what am I talking about you ask - the F***ing scale - that rat bastard has betrayed me once again. I get up this morning feeling slightly Trixieish after a few ass-busting days at the gym and some high protein days........I'm feeling like I've lost weight - things (ass and thighs) look tighter, pants a bit more lose......I'm hopeful that we can make this work. I'm really working at this relationship and I thought that for once he would give just an inch - I wasn't asking for much - hell I would have taken a cheap thrill but no, no. So I step on the scale - back to the mirror cause Barbie in a naked state is not the way that I want to wake up in the morning! Look down, totally expecting a friendly smile from Mr. Scale - what I got was a great big fuck you from him.......up 10 pounds from 3 weeks ago - WTF - seriously, no way!! So what did this Barbie do........I'm a bit embarrased to even admit this but I took the crowbar that was laying on the floor beside it and beat the shit out of it - I was soooo pissed but damn I felt good after I got done! My next step was to kick the bastard out of the house - screw him - I don't need him!! I am working really hard I don't need some cheap ass scale trying to bring me down. I also don't need his smug looks EVERY SINGLE TIME I step on him........I don't need his approval to feel good about myself! So my new motto is - how do my clothes feel/look and how does my body feel.........okay, that will probably be my motto until I go out and buy a new scale but hey for today - I'm focusing on the fact that I can't grab such a large hunk of fat on either side of my butt!

As for exercise, it's been tough - I've gone but I've just felt off the last 2 classes. Like I couldn't push myself as hard......actually in Wednesday's class, which was full to the max, I freaking fell off the step.......after 4 weeks of this and I just fell over! K was totally rolling on the floor with laughter and the lady behind me was horrified! I tried to regain my composure while holding a weight and rubbing my sore ass........then of course I looked down and realized that the seam of my pants had split - not sure if that was the sign for "hey your butt is too big for these pants" or if I just caught them on the step - I'm going with I tore them on the step! Even after that escapade I managed to haul my butt back there last night for Spin Class - thinking I would redeem myself but I just couldn't push it like I wanted to. I think I really wore myself out on Tuesday or that I'm just worn out period??? All the house mess is making it hard for me to relax at night and get some sleep........hopefully I can finish up some projects this weekend and that will help! I am going to hit the gym tonight and try some weight training - with my lack of coordination this could be dangerous so I'll keep you all updated!

One last thing - if you girls have never tried the BOCA Burger Crumbles - OMG - they are awesome! I bought some on a whim last weekend and added it to marinara and YUMMY! There are 3 packages in a box and 1 package is a good size serving - they are like 120 calories, 1 gram of fat, 6 grams of fiber and 26 grams of protein. All you do is pop a package in the microwave for 90 seconds and you are ready to go - they are even seasoned well!! Really you gotta try these things! Have a great weekend!


MMalloy said...

Finally a review on those Crumbles I keep looking them over.
The scale deserved a beating, seriously, you are working your ASS off! You will see the loss though, once your body catches up to you.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement yesterday. It totally made my day, I am serious, I read it twice so that I was in a good mood before going to class!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

TEN POUNDS?!! Yah, I'd be done with the bastard too... But I'm sure you've heard all the "muscle weighs more than fat" stuff so you probably know that you're losing inches and gaining muscle mass which is a WONDERFUL thing because muscle burns more calories than fat does!

Tina said...

I think we have all divorced our scales. I know a couple of weeks ago me and mr scale had a long talk and it just so happen that i did not have any clothes on either(just got out of the shower) and the bf thought i was crazy for talking to "mr. Scale" i told him if he did not straighted up i was gonna woop his metal ass.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes something needs a good beating. You go girl!

Janet - "Big and Beautiful"

MtngirlinCali said...

10 lbs? Surely it's time to replace that scale with something a little more accurate. :) I went up 5 lbs from spin class earlier this's sort of the tradeoff for having rock hard legs, a tight bootie, and a solid core. You just have to choose if you'll take the tradeoff. I finally have!

As for the feely totally knackered, it's funny, but if your body wants rest, it'll do it for you! Rather than pre-schedule my 5 workouts at the start of the week, I pick and choose depending on how I feel. I may start the day thinking I'll do the 50 minute bike and 30 minute run, but when I get home, I might be exhausted and take that day as rest. Rest is fine-- there is no shame in honoring thy body! Anyway, just my two cents. As I sit here with frozen corn on my knee. :)

Jo said...

I've already remarried my new scale. I think I was so emotionally abused in my previous relationship and retaliated physically - by tossing his ass in the TRASH.

But I agree with the above comments, you are working your tail off and that's gonna show in the looks instead of the numbers. I bet you're looking mighty tight these days ;)

Keep kickin 'yeah' out there!

WeightBGone said...

Throw that metal devil right out the window hes a liar as we all well know. Crowbar was to good for him. A toss out the window right underneath a cruising semi is what he needed.

My dear friend I think we've all been there and all our scales are related because they lie, lie, lie so don't let it get you down.

With all the exercise you have been doing I would be willing to bet you have a faulty scale. Well, you took care of it now so that evil machine can't tell anymore fibs.

Take care my friend and have a great weekend. I just hope Ken doesnt lie I'd hate to see you take a crowbar after him. LOL

I heart ya!

BB said...

Thank you for beating the shit out of the scale! You did it for all of us!!!! You're probably just gaining muscle-so it's a good thing.

Candace said...

Hey - If you're looking for a relationship that'll give an inch, I suggest hooking up with a measuring tape. Scales really prefer the occassional fling vs. a daily relationship. When forced into daily relationships they get abusive, which cause strong women to eventually rebel.
As for 10 lbs, probably a combo of new muscle and maybe some water - or the scale was broken ('tis now, anyway). Maybe try hooking up with a scale at the gym once in a while instead of having him move-in. You know, test the waters to see if it's really something you want to bring into the house right away.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Candace's comment. When you build up muscle, you sometimes retain water in that tissue that is building up. Anyway, screw that metal devil and bust out the measuring tape! Also, the scale at the gym is probably professionally calibrated from time to time and might ultimately be more accurate!

Bonita said...

Catching up on my reads so excuse the late response. This was freaking hilarious. You crack me up! Hope your butt didn't hurt too much th enext day.