This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Thursday, June 28, 2007


So my good buddy the Chinese Food Addict totally made my day!!! Thank you sooooo much Collette for your encouraging words (BTW - I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some John Travolta.....mmmmm)! Okay so who woulda thunk that blogging would be so beneficial - certainly not me. I'm feeling much better now, thanks to the comments and just the ability to vent my frustration.

Funny story - this is true by the way.......I just looked out my office window and there is a woman standing on the street corner, dressed in a bunny suit, holding up a wooden cross. Okay so I live in Texas and it has been raining for like 6 weeks - it's still raining today.........and our humidity has officially made this the armpit of America. Now I'm just wondering what relevance the bunny suit has to the cross - not to mention that one of my officemates just came in to tell me that she is singing a very twisted rendition of Jesus Loves Me - WOW! Somedays I am constantly amazed at the lengths people will go for what they believe in - wearing a soaking wet bunny suit in 90 degree weather and holding up a cross - that is some dedication!!! Although I did do Tae Bo, wrapped in one of those sweat suits when I weighed over 300 pounds - talk about fact I blew out about a dozen pairs of those vinyl aka trashbag shorts - they didn't make a size big enough and lets face it girls Tae Bo and trashbag shorts is bad enough........thank God I only did that in my living room with the curtains drawn and when it was dark outside - in fact I probably should have put blankets over all the mirrors - OH THE HORROR!!! I guess we are all dedicated in our own ways??


Swizzlepop said...

OMG I just about fell out of my chair. First with the crazed bunny lady (although that wouldn't be strange in SF at all. Poor thing wouldn't even get a second look really LOL) and then your TaeBo story.

Oh and can I just tell you that for whatever reason the word pannus is stuck in my head now. Not like I can really just whip it out in casual conversation but it's still there.

Colette said...

Everything I said was true Steph..I find your blogs so funny and thats what I need the most. I am glad someone else has a sense of humor as cracked as mine. haha

And as for "picking you up" today thats what friends are for!!:) Who knows tomorrow it might be my turn. L

Lord knows as a single mom there have been MANY days I often thought on my long commute home from work to...
*miss my exit
*drive to small town, USA
*get a job in a bookstore
*rent a small apartment
* find a cat or two
* change my name to Barbie...or Liz....or SOMETHING"!! haha

Trust me I think everyone of us can identify with you in SO many ways.

BB said...

That's you on the cover? You look absolutely amazing! Such an motivator for me! You are awesome!

thin mint said...

Fantastic Picture! You look amazing. I am trying to figure out how to link my blog to your blog and others from the weightwatchen community. Can you help me? I thought I knew computers =(

Colette said...

Hope you have a great friday!!