This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Wow - read this comment that I got!

So it seems that everyone has an opinion on artificial sweetner and I am loving the comments that I'm getting. Actually they are helping me to feel a little less like a loon and more normal in my thoughts about sweeteners. So read this - I swear that some of my symptons were exactly the same and everytime that I have limited/cut out sweeteners I have experienced the almost instantaneous positive results:

Pooks said...
I follow enjoy your blog, but have never commented. But, I knew I had to post a response to this post. I lost around 50lbs 4 years ago and used artificial sweeteners a lot (diet soft drinks, yogurt, equal in coffee, etc).
Over the past couple of years, I became increasingly bloated to the point that my pants would not button by the end of the day. I also became severely constipated. I went for weeks without 'going'. The docs ran every test possible to figure out what was going on, but my organs/digestive system are perfect. Docs were perplexed. I eliminated dairy and gluten in hopes of figuring out the issue. I shed so many tears over how bad my bloated body looked and felt. I did't know what to do. As a last ditch effort, I decided to give up all articial sweeteners...something I never dreamed I was capable of. FINALLY, MY BLOAT IS GONE and I am once again 'regular'. I feel 100x better w/out the artificial sweeteners. I just wanted to pass this along in hopes of saving someone else the tears, pain, and $ for doctors, that I've experienced.

Again, I'm not telling anyone to do something that doesn't work for them. If you have no problems with sweetener and you use it in moderation I say GO AHEAD WITH IT! If you are having intense cravings for sweets/carbs, bloating, stomach upset, bowel issues or weight loss plateaus then maybe you should evaluate how much sweetener you use?? I know for me - the more I have the more I want......somehow I didn't get blessed with the "moderation button".

Keep the comments coming - I'm loving them!!


Kate said...

ahh is we only had a "moderation button"...I was never blessed with one of those either!

MMalloy said...

Hey Steph, awesome post! I am so glad I read this today. I have been a Diet Coke drinker for years, I probably went through almost a 12 pack a week (not horrible). As you know my weightloss has been stuck in the same place for months and I was really getting fed up with all the bloating. Well, since my E.R. visit I have been on a clear liquid diet (which to me is water and a little Juice in the morning) and haven't had any sodas or artificial sweetners. I dropped back down to goal in the matter of 2 weeks and have been feeling smaller then ever.
I too think that everyone has different reactions to A.S. It is nice to hear this from someone else, I'm not crazy!!!

Ready Maid said...

Ya know what?? You've got the experience to share whatever you like, and I'll listen. Thanks for your insight. I'll watch my use of artificial sweeteners more closely.

The study of kinesiology first received scientific attention in the second half of this century, through the work of Dr. George Goodheart, who pioneered the specialty he called Applied Kinesiology after finding that benign physical stimuli - for instance, beneficial nutritional supplements - would increase the strength of certain indicator muscles, whereas inimical stimuli would cause those muscles to suddenly weaken. The implication was that at a level far below conceptual consciousness the body knew, and through muscle-testing was able to signal, what was good and bad for it.

The classic example, cited later in Power vs. Force, a book by David R. Hawkins, is a universally observed weakening of indicator muscles in the presence of a chemical sweetener. The same muscles strengthen in the presence of a healthful natural supplement.

Laura said...

Wonderful post!!! It certainly has me thinking. I know in the past couple months I've increase my soda in-take (diet of course). Maybe that is why I'm not losing and I keep gaining. Definately going to start drinking more water and NO soda. Thanks for the info!!!!!

WeightBGone said...

Great post Steph thanks for sharing. I too need to watch my artificial sweetener intake. Perhaps if I did I could get my last 10lbs off. Something for me to really consider. Hope your weekend is going great. :)