This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So How the Heck is Barbie???

Greetings from barbieville! Wish that I had something ultra exciting to post but not really. A NSV - I have mastered the art of getting my heart rate up to 80%.....I would love to say that it is impossible to do but in reality - I just have to suck it up and work harder to get it up to 80%.

Other exciting news.........hmmmm, not much really. Eating has been less than perfect and I'm still struggling with the eating because out of habit or because I should.......2 nights in a row I've eaten dinner when I wasn't really hungry. Why you ask??? Because I worked out and technically I "should" eat after a workout like that.......geez! The sad thing is that I have no excuses - I know better - I know how to play the game but lately I've been trying skate by......this philosophy doesn't work and just leads to more insanity for me. So let me just lay out all my "rational" justifications for overeating and eating when I'm not hungry........maybe I will continue to read these reasons and I'll actually see how absurd they are?? So here goes:

1. I had a really vigorous workout and need to fuel my body
2. I'm frustrated with the fertility gods and all this medicine
3. Speaking of medicine - that is what is causing these extra pounds
4. I can't sleep
5. Gotta eat to prep for pregnancy
6. I'm sad
7. I'm bored

I could go on and on but I'll spare you.....the truth of the matter is that I've fallen into bad habits again. What is a habit my fellow Barbie's??? A habit is a learned behavior SO if I learned this bad behavior then I can learn a good behavior to replace it, right?? RIGHT! Now if I could only find the willpower to actually do it......okay I'm off to search for my motivation!



Candace said...

I believe this is one of the "Tools for Healthy Living" and referred to as "Refocus" or something like that, by the WW powers that be. {{{HUGS}}} to you too.

Tina said...

Steph, "mo" just paid a visit to my neighborhood last week... and I think he said he was headed to Texas next... for a change of scenery!

Thanks for your comments and building me up! You are awesome woman!!

Caroline said...

Glad to hear you're still doing well. And I'm with you - I can amaze MYSELF with reasons why I need to eat, even when I don't really want to. "Because I've got to get these Oreo's out of the house" has been my favorite in the past few months.

sabrina said...

Thanks so much for the comment that you left on page. It really helps to know that someone out there is reading my page, I need that accountability to keep doing this.
Also I don't think that you should be so hard on yourself, you have alot on your mind right now and believe it or not but eating healthy and working out helps in the process of getting preggers. So if you work out you need food.
I wish you luck and I hope to see happy baby news your page soon

Tina said...

I just posted some more Polly pics for your weekly fix...

Hugs to you and I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!

Amanda said...

I just wanted to say hang in there! You are amazing and beautiful. You are doing very well!!! I miss you!!

Ready Maid said...

(((Big Hug))) Because of experienced bloggers like you, I know gray days happen. In preparation, I have typed out positive affirmations, which I force myself to read outloud when those days come. For whatever reason, the actual words coming out of my mouth within the hearing of my own ears seems to set a new energy in motion - which eventually leads to getting me on the right track.

Just want you to "feel the love" today.