This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bedrest = No Exercise = Freaking Out

Hello......hope all is well with everyone. I'm sure that from the title of my post you all are assuming that I'm sick - well not quite. I actually had an ovarian cyst that ruptured and has leaked fluid into peritoneum cavity behind my uterus. I also have an ovary that is currently twisting and playing hide and go seek sooooo......after a night of intense pain I went to see the fertility doctor (assuming I was just being a big baby and he would send me home with a "suck it up" talk) - he started the ultrasound and saw the fluid pretty quickly - he began searching for my left ovary and after half an hour of excruciating pain - he gave up finding it - thus leading him to diagnose the "twisting". In a nutshell, I'm not allowed to exercise or do anything streneous and should be in bed (I'm not a lay around kind of person though) for at least a few days. If I'm not better by then, it will be another sonogram and potential surgery to realign my ovary - bleh! I'm okay other than moving slow and feeling a bit sluggish (courtesy of pain meds) - I'm aching and crampy but overall it is getting better. Now my only issue is not being able to exercise.......couple that with incredible swelling due to progesterone and I feel like a beach ball - my pants will barely button and they are the biggest pair I own. I'm craving chocolate like mad and I'm incredibly hormonal. That is something that I have to say for exercise - it really does lift my spirits and elminate some of my stress........right now is when I need that release the most.

I am going to "try" to take it easy but there will be no scales or measuring tapes in my future for the next few days - I gotta get over this hump before I totally warp my brain! Hope everyone else is doing good - I'm going to try to catch up some in the evenings since I can't work out now!

HUGS and say a prayer for me, if you can!


Kate said...

Aw, your in my prayers friend, as always.

Keep your head up and feel better soon.

jodi said...

ugh, sorry to hear your news but follow your doctor's orders and take it easy... i would LOVE to be told to stay in bed, esp. since i've been so busy at work... i'm jealous!

feel better soon! :o)

swizzlepop said...

OMG Steph! Are you okay, what caused this? I'm glad the doc has you on bedrest (YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEM!). I know it sucks but you have to take care of you.
Sit back and read some blogs and maybe write some more for our other blog. This is definitely something that should go in there. I can't believe this happened to you. I swear, are the little Barbies up there playing neener neener, we're not ready yet? Between the 2 of us the obstacles that get in our way month after month is ridiculous.
I'll be thinking of you today and hoping that the pain subsides and that you are well soon.


Scale Junkie said...

Just rest and take it easy Steph, let your body heal. I'm sending good thoughts your way!

Big HUGS!!

sabrina said...

aww sorry to hear about your MIA ovary, I hope you feel better and I will say prayers for you.
Thanks for checking up one me, I', doing good just super busy with family stuff and the puppy beens sick. I haven't had time to post.
Hope you feek better soon


Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Hey Steph,
I've been with PNP since July and I LOVE it!
Corinne is awesome!

Frances said...

Oh Steph I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. You have to listen to the doc though. And I agree with swizzlepop. Find other ways to occupy your time and hands. For a little while. Then maybe ask the doctor for some physical activity advice. Your in my thoughts honey. Hang in there.

Caroline said...

Oh, I am so sorry. That does not sound fun at all. Luckily I have never been ordered to bed rest. I would not do well with that. I've had whiplash twice and doctors have told me to take it easy, but one time I was in the middle of exams and the other time we were moving the next day, so that really wasn't an option. My mother is already making fun of me because as much as I cannot wait to finish law school, I know within a few days I'm going to start losing it because I'm bored. Yes, I'm sick! Hang in there and I hope you start feeling better soon!

HappyBlogChick said...

Oh, I'm sorry! You're in my thoughts. I know you'll miss the exercise but listen to that doctor.

WeightBGone said...

Steph I am so sorry to hear of the pain you are going through. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please just take care of yourself and not worry about weight loss that comes later when you are feeling better. Feel better soon my friend!

tallmama said...

ahhh sweetie! that sucks! Well enjoy the dr's ordered bed rest as much as you can. Hope miss-ovary finds her way back!

Candace said...

Prayers coming your way. Take care of yourself Steph.

MMalloy said...

Hugs, thoughts and prayers...I know it's hard but I hope you take the time to rest and get better! Hugs.