This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Even a Broken Clock is Right TWICE a Day!

That is the sign that I saw today - it provoked some brain waves on my normally auto-pilot drive to the office. I thought about how many days my "clock" feels broken - hmmm, maybe I should say weeks my "clock" feels broken! I have to say the last few days I've felt a bit broken. This isn't necessarily my fault because I wound up with a stomach flu on Friday night and spent the weekend in bed. The week then started with a bang and way TOO much work to do. Now on top of the craziness, my hubby has caught my again - no gym tonight. I kind of felt obligated to come home and make sure he was alive as opposed to going to spin class ~ LOL. So in the last 5 days I have made it to meet up with my man "GYM" once........ughhh - I have no idea how I managed to survive before without GYM but I can say that we now have an addiction for each other.

So even with my exercise clock broken, my diet clock has been really good. Not only have my food choices been good but I have felt good mentally. These moments of being in tune really keep my psyche in check and help remind me that I can STOP eating when I'm done and not run the risk of imploding from not cleaning my plate. I know that sounds ridiculous to some but even after 5 years of this stuff, I still struggle with that at every meal. I may never fully recover from that mentality but I can take it meal by meal and overcome those urges on a case by case basis.

Okay one more thing. Driving home tonight I was listening to talk radio and I heard a voice come over the airwaves that brought, okay no laughing - this is for real, the smell of a bacon cheeseburger and chicken nuggets into my car!!! It was a radio show host that I used to listen to all the time on the way home from work and I always stopped and picked up my 1st dinner while listening to him....I'm not kidding you when I say I was salivating at the sound of his voice.......I think I was too shocked at my emotional and physical response to really consider fulfilling my desire. I mean, my husband's voice doesn't even produce that kind of reaction from me.....well guess that is a good thing. Nothing real sexy about your wife downing a bacon cheeseburger when you're trying to sweet talk her!

So sorry for my lack of posts/comments......I promise that I'm lurking and reading but I have literally had NO time to even breathe!

HUGS to you all ~ By the way, Swizzlepop has started an exercise challenge and it looks like it is going to be a should check it out on her blog and consider signing up. I can tell you that last night it was my motivation to hit GYM!


Kate said...

I'm glad your feeling better...and hope Ken gets that way soon too.

It's amazing how out of wack I feel when I'm not in my "routine" and also how quick my routine (aka the gym) can change if I get out of it. I'm starting to work it back into my routine and I'm loving it.

And the response the radio and the cheeseburger, really isn't it the same thing we all experience with the holidays, that it just triggers the urge to eat controllably, because we have for so many years? what a vicious cycle.

MMalloy said...

That reaction is crazy! I have been reading a lot about that though, one of my Aunts sent me this article about having a scent to your wedding, people will remember it longer and that scent will be associated with it. I'm not too sure!
Anyways, I am glad you are feeling better, I had that stomach flu earlier this season and I know it isn't fun.

Scale Junkie said...

I understand lack of comments on others blogs, today was my first chance to catch up in ages! I've finally made it to the W's so almost there.

Isn't the power of the brain amazing? How hearing certain words can cause cravings or smelling a certain smell can bring back an old memory.

Glad you are feeling better, sorry Ken is sick. Hope you can get back to spinning soon!

Swizzlepop said...

You and GYM for meant for each other! :) I'm so happy you started seeing him because that BananaPudding guy was NOT treating you well.

I swear we all ride the same waves. Great week(s) and we all share them, funk weeks and we're all funky, busy, losing, lack of time. I read the same things on everyones blogs all the time and it really hits when I'm in the same exact boat. Like we are all interconnected.
Glad you're feeling better, hope Ken is soon too.

No Where to Run ... said...

i can totally relate to the "pavlov" experience. it happens to me with pizza every time i take my daughter to the doctor...long story. anyway, you rock! and i love your new GYM. what a great idea!!! tee hee

Weigh to go..lets see said...

Thats funny because when I frst went on my diet I done that all the time with Mcdonalds!! LOL I could TASTE fries!

Tina said...

Hugs to you.. Lurk away.. rest, take it easy and hope the hubby feels better soon. Sorry to hear you were sick but very :)) that you're better.

I know what you mean about the broken clock... I am starting to get a gym addiction.. actually addiction is a bit strong but I'm fond of going and miss it when I don't get there. I like that feeling (in a non OCD kinda way)!