This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Friday, September 25, 2009

Adobe Huts

So it's Friday night and I'm knee deep into making a cardboard replica of an adobe hut......why you ask?? Are you interested in the Jumano Indian tribe.....hmmmm, no can't say that I am. Do you enjoy crafting Native American replicas........uh that would be a negative. Well are you in 7th grade and failed to complete a huge project that was due today??? Nope not me but absolutely my kid. Ughhh.....the 12 year old had a huge Tx. History project due today and of course he chose Wednesday to start working on it. I may have to show him how the Indians did it and scalp him!! Geez!

In other news, well I don't really have other news. Things are plugging along as usual. The ususal chaos fills the house - barking dog, teething baby, hormonal teenager, in laws and a cranky hubby. Calgon take me away. In my quest to relax I escaped to the closet because that is where we keep the computer. I log on to Facebook to check on everything because there is way less drama on the internet. :) What do you think I find.......a husband and wife hurling insults at each other via their "walls". OMG - really, seriously - what are we in highschool. Why would you choose to air your dirty laundry on the internet.......especially on FB which, uh, happens to have as many users as the United STates has people. Good grief - get a grip folks! I guess it would be pretty entertaining if I wasn't just so done with drama. Kind of like your own "As The World Turns".

Things are going good on the eating front. I'm not nearly as disciplined as I used to be but that will come. I'm doing my best to steer clear of the carbs because that is my weakness. Hi my name is Stephanie and I'm a carb addict - yep that is me. I love me some bread or cookies or muffins or pretzels or pasta.......oh Lord I have to stop before I go into a carb coma! We'll see how nice the scale decides to be on Tuesday......I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully I can keep my lips closed so I don't shove anything into this over zealous piehole of mine!

Gotta run - the first coat of mud on the hut is dried and it's time to slap on another coat. Yay - good times.



Anonymous said...

Great to read your blog again! Is your FB just for personal friends or blog readers too? I've been "stuck" just plain old stuck this whole tumultuous super stressful year and look forward to reading all you have to say and experience again. Looking for new inspiration! Allie

Steph said...

Hey Allie - shoot me a friend request on FB. As long as you aren't a super stalker. LOL

Anonymous said...

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