This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Old McBarbie Had A Farm.......

Well actually I'm not sure if you could consider "random squirrel sighting" amongst my living room furniture as a farm or not??? All I know is that some squirrel has spread the word that the Barbie Casa is the happening place to be! I'm not lying when I say that I have had 3 - count them 3 - squirrels appear in my living room. How you ask??? Well basically one squirrel fell down in the wall (12 foot drop) and the hubby had to cut a hole at the bottom to free him.....nothing sounds worse than the screams of a dying squirrel! So since Tuesday the squirrels have evidently been parachuting down the wall and escaping through the hole - holy crap! My cats are freaking out and basically my whole house has been in chaos........I'm really hoping that the husband gets out his handy dandy hammer and repairs that hole tonight??!

The only bright spot about having squirrels lose in the house is the comedic relief that present as the husband and son run circles around the living room with blankets in hand, in an effort to catch the things. I think they are both terrified though they would never admit it - at any rate, it's a pretty funny thing......maybe I should record it and put it on U Tube??

So I was reading ANNA's blog and came across her post about the "NO DIET" diet - it hit home with me only because I am the proud owner of a dozen books on intuitive eating so I pretty much know the drill. I also KNOW how to make this work; however, rarely practice these techniques. More often than not I eat way too much and feel like a bloated whale - then of course there is are the few BLT's that I have along the way to my beach where I am harpooned by the evening meal. All of this together equals disaster and I have the extra 10 okay 15 pounds to prove it. I'm not discounting all of my work in the gym but come on - I know that I didn't gain 15 pounds of muscle - if I had my pants wouldn't be this tight! So as of today, right now I am vowing to pull my head out and get it together. I have really been making huge strides in the "control" department and have let go of some of my crazy obsessive tendencies. I am trying so hard to focus on positive things and remembering that there is a perfect time - you know patience. With all of my prioritizing it's time for me to finally be done with this last piece of the puzzle - so rather than focusing how unhappy I am with my weight/appearance I'm going to focus on the good things that I have going for me - not to mention - even 15 pounds ago I wanted to lose weight and I was unhappy with my appearance. Really, are we ever happy or satisfied - isn't there something that we ALWAYS think should be changed?? I'm using my next post to put up my list...stay tuned.


Kate said...

Oh! I forgot to mentioned something on your other post. Are you being affected by all the floods? Not good!

Scale Junkie said...

definitely put it on you tube!

Colette said...

"yellowpoleouch" is a comment Stephen put on my blog because the day before I bought my Camry I sorta hit a pole in the parking lot by the video store with my SUV!! LOL
He was making fun of me...LOL
Glad things are looking up for you and I would LOVE to see the video's on U Tube!!!
I miss you girl. Things are good here and I have finally gotten my act together and I think I am back on the wagon for good!!!

Ready Maid said...

Wow, all those incidents must have made you feel kinda squirrely.

Seriously, thanks for the insight about how easily we are tempted to remain dissatisfied, even in the face of profound progress.

swizzlepop said...

3 squirrels? You need to fumigate your house now, those things are rodents fluffy tails. COOTIES! Can you tell I'm not a fan of little scurring creatures in my house?
I think I would pee my pants if you video taped it and put it on YouTube. I hope they are all gone for good now!

Your email came to me blank, why you teasing me?

CactusFreek said...

We don't have squirrels in Oz, but they look sooooo cute from what i've seen on tele and in pictures!
Can't your hubby fix the hole they are getting into the wall in the first place? Otherwise you'll just keep hearing them die when they've hit the dead end of the fixed wall :o(

Jynell said...

OMW!!! LOL!! Squirrels??? Too funny!!

Ok, so I have to admit, I do have some experience in getting squirrels out of the house. They used to constantly get stuck in my parents fire place. So, you have to find a way to trap them somewhere. If you can block that hole up so they're trapped in there temporarily, then you build a shoot with big cardboard boxes. You may need a few friends to help- but you basically just funnel him from where he's trapped to the door. It's pretty hysterical to watch, but it works! Good luck!! :D

Lea said...

You write very well.