This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Barbies and Babies....

I wish that I was posting some crazy, miracle of a story telling everyone that I'm preggo but that isn't the case.......I'm okay with that - not because I want to be but because I have to be! I want to thank everyone who left me a comment.......WOW! I can't begin to tell you how much each one meant to me and how it really lifted my spirits! Tuesday and Wednesday of last week were tough days - I was very emotional and the husband had a hard time dealing with my emotions. It was just a rough few days. In the end it all worked out - I found peace, like I knew I would, and the husband and I made up. I finished up the awful progesterone and I really believe that someone was watching over me this go round because the swelling overall horrible feelings weren't as bad as usual.....we are on to bigger and better things and I'm just waiting on God's timing and every day I'm learning to be more patient with this situation. I got to thinking the other day that patience is one thing I should have learned from my weight loss journey - patience and perserverance.....guess I still have a lot to learn!

So on to the birthing baby part - on Friday night, after what I would consider to be one of the roughest weeks in recent memory, my best friend calls hysterical. Her daughter, who is 21, unwed with 1 child (14 months) is pregnant and in labor. The hospital kept sending them home and basically "A" was really hurting. So after an incredibly frustrating and emotional week as it related to lack of babies - I sped off to the hospital to be there for the delivery of a baby! Funny how things work out, huh?? "A" did great and the birth was beautiful. She was blessed with another healthy baby boy but I would be lying if I said there wasn't any small twinge of jealousy. I wish that I could say that all I felt was joy but there were a few bitter tears mixed in with my joyful ones! Overall, I'm so happy for "A" but I know she has a rough road ahead of her........being a single mommy to 2 babies is no easy thing - luckily, she is a wonderful mother and she has tons of support from her family and me (I get to play auntie to the boys!).

On the diet/exercise front I'm hanging in there. Last week was rough with food because the hormones make me crave salt and chocolate but I did okay. I'm still hitting the gym 3 times a week so that is going good too. I did get into a yoga class and I have no decided that yoga is a miracle drug......if you are stressed and have never tried yoga - YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! WOW - people at work that had no clue that I went even commented on how relaxed I looked.......I really did feel great. Now I just have to figure out how to fit it in between spin classes and weights. It is still so strange to hear myself trying to strategize how to get more time at the gym......what happened to Steph the couchpotato???

Okay - gotta run. I owe everyone comments and huge {{{HUGS}}} so I promise to try to start catching up! I have really missed you all so much and from the looks of it I'm getting left behind in the weight loss contest!


Kate said...

Your a great shut it ;)

Glad to see your alive, and doing well with the exercise and staying OP, that is whats important is we learn how stay OP when life isn't so forgiving *hugs*

sabrina said...

I'm glad to see your back to posting, I read your blog everyday, as you are an inspiration to me. It looks like we are in the same boat when it comes to babies.....Maybe next month we'll both have some good news.

anna said...

you have so much faith and strength! i am seriously idolizing you today. i know babies will God's time. and i will be praying for you. (big hug)

Scale Junkie said...

Lately the fact that the baby train has passed me by has hurt quite a lot. Hopefully you'll have good news soon so I can live vicariously though you!


swizzlepop said...

I'm convinced that certain people enter our lives in odd ways for specific reasons. Sending you many hugs and so glad that this weight BS brought us together.
You really are a wonderful friend to be there for your friend and her daughter.