This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Thursday, January 11, 2007


That's right - I am changing my name to Trixie..........just because. I went today and bought a fergalicious hat and I'm gonna hooker it up for work tomorrow........just because. By the way, fergalicious is my new word for the day - I like it and it sounds cool. I am attempting to be cool......kind of like the girl in highschool that gets dumped but acts like nothing is being shit on is the biggest thrill of her life - yeehaw! About the only thing exciting or "fergalicious" in my life is my new hat (of course) and the fact that I have caught the mother of all raccoons.........this one was a whopper! Crap - whopper describes a fish not a raccoon.......I am a dork! Okay back to the story..........after a rather grueling week with my food intake - can you say inhaling peanut butter and chocolate syrup.......I am up a pound in weight and down about 10 pounds of ego. The hubby unit is very preoccupied with poker lately.......I asked if I did something wrong and all he can say is that I haven't done anything but he is just an idiot - well shit sherlock!! In light of this situation and my need to have my ego boosted I have bought the hate, decided to wear sparkles and changed my name to Trixie. Trixie doesn't eat peanut butter and chocolate sauce. Trixie works out at the gym religiously. Trixie is fucking perfect and damnit my name is TRIXIE!!

So...........I wonder if Barbie ever tried to be seductive with chocolate sauce dribbled down her shirt.......could SHE pull it off??? Knowing Barbie's life - Ken thought it was super sexy and proceeded to lick it off of her body.......I hate Barbie.......well I hate that I'm not Barbie. Just the retarded skipper in a fergalicious hat, calling herself Trixie.


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