This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 4.....More Puking!

Day 4 and boy am I thankful for my Spark! 2 more people in our house have been hit by the stomach bug……combine that with year end at work and to say I’m tired would be an understatement. I will say that I’m amazed I haven’t come down with the bug. Will and I shared a bottle of water on Monday and honestly there isn’t ever a day where one of my kids isn’t blowing snot on me. I really contribute my wellness (is that a word I can use here??) to eating right and Advocare. If you do any research at all you will find that sugar actually tears down your immune system. I gave up sugar over 2 months ago and I haven’t been sick once! That coupled with some good quality Advocare vitamins has really made a difference… least I think so.

So Day 4…..ummmm, not a lot going on today. Thankfully I did not have to drink a fiber shake this morning……I really think those things may be the reason that there “isn’t much going on” if you catch my drift. I’m sore from some heavy weights on Tuesday night but I’m planning to do some light cardio tonight. Whoever says they like the burn has clearly never been so sore they can’t get up off the toilet. OMG….I thought I was going to have to sleep there last night because I seriously couldn’t get my legs to move!

Sorry there isn’t more exciting stuff going on…..I wish I had some kind of amazing review for you but I’m only on day 4. I’m trying to stay motivated (I think I really built this challenge up in my head) and keep plugging along. I keep reminding myself that I’ve come a long way and that I feel great….those two things should be the most important part of any diet/healthy lifestyle anyway. So here is to kicking butt in the gym tonight and moving on to Day 5!!

Just a quick picture of my girl…..she reminds me every day why I work so hard to be healthy!

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