This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Monday, September 8, 2008

Good news, bad news & baby furniture....

Wow it's hard to believe that I have 108 days left until this little boy is due to arrive!! It just seems almost unbelievable that I'm over half way done......where does the time go??

Sorry for not updating sooner but things have been busy as usual. Between school, doctor visits, work and just the day to day grind I've been super busy.

Speaking of doctor visits - we went for our checkup and gestational diabetes test......the good news is I PASSED MY TEST!! No diabetes for me - thank you Lord! I think I had convinced myself that I had it because of my past issues so I was shocked when everything came back good. The bad news - I gained 10 pounds in a month!! I would have cried but there wasn't time. The nurse started hunting for Will's hearbeat and couldn't find it. This kid is stubborn! So she left to get the doctor and I was too worried to cry about something stupid like 10 pounds. I did talk to the doc about the gain because I've been eating super healthy and working out at least 4 times a week. He tells me I'm healthy and not to worry so much - I'm glad that he isn't yelling at me but I wish he could explain to me why I'm blowing up like this - his response is that some women gain faster than others......gee, aren't I a lucky girl! Other than that, Baby Will but I'm measuring a couple of weeks ahead. Seems that my uterus is tilted to the left so baby is all up on the left side and boy can I tell! You know my uterus is the size of a soccer ball - sorry if that is TMI but WOW!

One more thing - we were able to pick up Will's crib and dresser this weekend - I love it (pic is below).



Kate said...

I'm so glad to hear you passed that test, that's great!

And the furniture is way cute! I love the green!

sabrina said...

don't worry about gaining are half way done with and I'm a few weeks behind you and I've gain about 25lbs in the past 14 weeks. I think you are doing great! keep up the good work. I love the crib

Miss July...not...yet said...

I love that crib. How adorable.

I know, you hear this all the time, but really, that little boy needs whatever you are putting on. I actually tend to think it might be some water weight. I gained 6 lbs in one week and the dr. said it was all water.

Just keep doing what you are doing and that healthy baby boy will be so worth it in the end!

Glad to hear from you. :-)

Amanda said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you passed that test! WOO HOO!!! I know I was so relieved when I passed mine.

LOVE the baby furniture! Can't wait to see pics of the finished nursery.

I know it's hard to see the scale go up. I think some women just gain a lot no matter how hard they try. I gained 55 with DS1 and 38 with DS2. Don't fret about it though. Will needs all you are giving him. And all that exercise will pay off come time for labor and delivery! You'll be glad you've spent all that time in the gym.

Glad to hear from you!

Scale Junkie said...

YAY for no diabetes! The furniture is adorable!

Don't stress the weight gain, I'm not saying to eat with abandon, I'm just saying that you KNOW you're capable of losing that weight and you'll do exactly that once little Will arrives.

Big hugs to you!

MMalloy said...

You passed the test!!!!! That is awesome, your doctor is right, you are much healthier then you give yourself credit for!!!
Don't worry about the 10 lbs. Baby Will is just making sure he is healthy before making an appearance.
The furniture is so pretty, I love the little dresser/changing table. Have you started painting the nursery? I want to see pictures.

Dawn said...

I LOVE the furniture. SO PRETTY!!! Great choice!

Candace MacPherson said...

Love the crib. Weight-wise, I'm sure you're doing fine. The AR clerk here at work put on 70 lbs, and she's just a small thing. He's over a year old now and she looks fantastic, but I secretly hope she's got some nasty stretch marks. Misery loves company=:)

Take care.

anna said...

hey, i gained 10 this month too!! ugh. but oh well. it happens. and it sure DOES come off in the end, anyway. i gained 20 lbs more with my boy than my girl, so that could explain it! just be glad you found the heartbeat. oh, and the furniture is adorable! i can't wait to see pics of the nursery!! congrats! hang in there, sister!!

Colette said...

Steph... Just thinking about you and that damn hurricane Ike. I see where it hit Houston pretty hard. WE got just some wind and rain here but nothing more than your usual rain storm.
I am praying for you guys that it is downgraded to just a weak storm by time it gets to Dallas.
PS: I love the furniture too. Very sheek and nice!!

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