This picture makes me cry!

This picture makes me cry!
Thought it was time to change my picture

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why we thought our he was a she??

Hey guys - thanks so much for all the great comments on names. I never thought about the confusion on the middle name - thanks for pointing that out. We may have to rethink this name thing?? At least we have a few more months to decide.

I've had a couple people ask me why we were so convinced that this baby was a girl....honestly, I always pictured myself with a daughter, every dream that I've had has included a daughter and my hubby's siblings all have a boy and a girl so we just assumed that this would be a girl.

I wanted a daughter because I'm an only child and I know the incredible bond that I have with my mother but I also know how much of a daddy's girl I am. I also worry that with DH's son having such a special place in his grandparent's and dad's heart that this baby wouldn't be as loved if it was a boy (okay I'm still worried about that one a little). My stepSON (I hate using that word so I'm only using for clarification) is such a great kid and he and his dad are incredibly close - a lot of time I'm the tag along and feel left out - I'm just the lady in the kitchen making dinner so I was really hoping to have a little girl to kind of even the playing field. Of course all my friends with boys and girls tell me that their boys love them so much and they are totally devoted to their moms.......we'll see though, I have some stiff competition in my husband. He really is an incredible dad - it's one of the reasons that I fell in love with him.


MMalloy said...

I think we are all a little guilty of "seeing" our future children a certain way. I use to always think I would have girls but since Rosie I am almost certain that if we are ever able to make children we will have a little boy.
I can definetly understand your worries, I always tell my sister that if I ever have kids noone will care becuase she had the first born :(
The truth is there is enough love for every child and no matter if it is the first, second, boy or girl it will be loved!

Amanda said...

I COMPLETELY understand your thinking. My oldest (gosh that STILL sounds weird to say!) was a HUGE momma's boy until DS2 came along. Now he spends a LOT of time with his dad, but he still loves to help me bake and cook. He still says "I'm the mommy..." when he's playing, etc.. He still LOVES to spend time with ME. And that's very important to me. I didn't know if I could handle two boys b/c I have such a bond with DS1. But we still have that bond and I have my own different bond with DS2. It's hard to explain and maybe I'll just email you b/c this is so long. :)

Amanda said...

Steph--you have email. :)

Caroline said...

My best friend is pregnant with twins (thanks to in vitro) and she found out that she's having 2 boys (and she already has a 9-year-old boy). She didn't think she cared all that much, but she's finding now that it's hard for her to accept that she's never going to have a daughter. I've told Chris that if we only have boys, then we're adopting a girl. I WILL get my girl!

anna said...

can i just say i'm having a BOY too???? yay! i can hardly believe it. this is so amazing!! i had some "i'm having a girl" feelings going on too. so, i'm thrilled. hey, boy or girl, just be healthy, right?? congrats to you!

Bonita said...

Stopping by to check up on you. Sounds like your planning is all coming along. What a nice gift the hubby gave you. It's great when they do those thoughtful things for us and just say the right words! I'm sure your baby boy to be a mommy's boy! :-)

Scale Junkie said...

I always thought I'd have twins, a boy and a girl...I just didn't picture them with black fur and four legs each ;-)